Five Reasons to Buy The I’m-Not-Wearing-Any-Pants Pants from Kryptek 

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Five Reasons to Buy The I’m-Not-Wearing-Any-Pants Pants from Kryptek 
The Sonora Pants from Kryptek.

Kryptek, a premier retailer of camo clothing, footwear, and accessories, makes some really cool stuff, as we’ve pointed out on many occasions before.

I, however, never acquired any Kryptek apparel until recently when I picked up a pair of Sonora Pants

I like to call ‘em the I’m-Not-Wearing-Any-Pants pants because they are so light and so breathable that you literally feel like you’re not wearing any. 

With that in mind, here are five reasons to consider getting yourself a pair. 

5. Eliminate Swamp Butt

Five Reasons to Buy The I’m-Not-Wearing-Any-Pants Pants from Kryptek 
What I like about these pants is that they are tacticool without being overly tacticool.

Sonora Pants are designed for extremely hot weather.  When you want to wear pants but don’t want the swamp butt and crotch sweat that accompanies wearing pants when it’s blazing outside, these are ideal.

I received them in mid-August (2021) when it was still hot and humid around these parts.  I wore them regularly until the end of October when the temp started to drop.  They held up just fine through multiple washes and wears.  I’ve now brought them back outta the closet and have put them in the weekly rotation.

Forgot to mention that mosquitoes love my pale white flesh, which glows brighter than the moon when the sun goes down. Sonora pants are a great defense against skeeters, as well as all blood-sucking bugs, whether you’re cutting the lawn or sitting around a campfire or hiking a trail.

4.  Comfort

Five Reasons to Buy The I’m-Not-Wearing-Any-Pants Pants from Kryptek 
They are as comfortable as jogging pants but way more functional.

Yes, these are extremely comfortable pants that you can actually sleep in if you had to.  (In fact, I think I did sleep in them during SHOT Show 2022 one night when I came back to the hotel in less-than-ideal form). In terms of comfort, I would put them on par with jogging pants.  

Made from “weft mechanical stretch fabric” and featuring a “fully gusseted crotch and articulated knee” your freedom of movement is maximized.  No bunching or pinching when you bend over to lace your boots.  You won’t find a more comfortable pair of pants.

3.  Pockets!

Five Reasons to Buy The I’m-Not-Wearing-Any-Pants Pants from Kryptek 
Plenty of deep pockets.

Plenty of deep pockets on these pants, including jean-style front pockets and rear pockets, and zippered cargo pockets.  The flaps on the rear pockets help for wallet or phone retention when sitting down or when moving dynamically.  

But to be on the safe side, I often find myself putting my wallet in one of the zippered cargo pockets as opposed to the rear pocket.  The polyester is so smooth and flexible that I’m worried that my wallet may fall out when I’m seated, even with the flaps.  

It probably wouldn’t happen but as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2.  Utility 

Five Reasons to Buy The I’m-Not-Wearing-Any-Pants Pants from Kryptek 
I don’t print any more than I do in regular pants.

Carrying concealed inside the waistband or outside the waistband is no different than any other standard pair of jeans or pants.  There are belt loops at the 2 -, 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10- o’clock positions that will accept the average gun belt.  

Printing wasn’t an issue with these pants.  Let me rephrase that, I didn’t print any more than I do when I wear my jeans or other tactical pants. I do print to some degree regardless of what bottoms I have on, but I always try to wear an untucked shirt or an outer layer as cover.

One point of caution is because the Sonora pants are so light, you want to make sure you have a belt that fits well and an IWB or OWB holster that attaches to your belt via clip or loop.  I would not recommend carrying concealed with a sticky sleeve or pouch.  Sonora pants are too light and flexible for that type of system.

1.  On Sale

Five Reasons to Buy The I’m-Not-Wearing-Any-Pants Pants from Kryptek 
MSRP is $109.99.

Right now, they’re on sale for $82.49.  Normally, they run about $109.99. That’s a great deal for what you’re getting.  


  • Lightweight 
  • Mechanical stretch
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Antimicrobial technology 
  • 100% Polyester, 60g/m2 Melted yarn +C6 DWR80/10+Weft Mechanical stretch finish


Five Reasons to Buy The I’m-Not-Wearing-Any-Pants Pants from Kryptek 
One downside is they are not as tough and durable as traditional hunting/outdoor pants.

The two downsides are obvious.  

For starters, unless you live in a tropical climate or a place that never gets cold, these are seasonal pants.  Because I live in Western New York, I can expect to get, at most, 7-8 months of use per year.  It goes without saying but these are not the pants for you if you live in a tundra. 

The other con is that due to their featherweight construction they are not as durable as traditional field pants.  As Kryptek warns on the website, “not intended for busting brush, sprinting through thorn bushes, or other activities that you would not expose your naked lower extremities to!”   Kryptek has plenty of other options that foot that bill if you’re interested. 

To learn more about Kryptek’s Sonora warm-weather pants, click HERE

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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