[UPDATE w/ Special Summer ’23 Rebate!] FN 509 CC Edge – Compensated Optic Ready 9mm Pistol Review 

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The FN 509 CC Edge

One of the newer pistols from FN is the 509 CC Edge which is an addition to the existing FN Edge Series of pistols. This pistol is designed to check all the boxes for the ideal carry gun. Straight from the factory, the 509 CC Edge features a low-profile optics mounting system, fiber optic front sight, an auto-indexing compensator that cuts muzzle rise by 25%, and a flat-faced trigger. 


  • CALIBER: 9mm
  • OPERATION: Double-action
  • MAG CAPACITY: 10 or 12/15 Rd.
  • WEIGHT: 25.5 oz
  • TWIST RATE: 1:10″ RH
  • HEIGHT: 4.8″
  • WIDTH: 1.35″
  • TRIGGER PULL: 4.5-6.7 lb.
  • SIGHT RADIUS: 5.41″

What I find to be the most unique feature of the FN 509 CC Edge is the inclusion of a compensator. As muzzle brakes grew in popularity for rifles, their transition to pistols was inevitable. Props to FN for being one of the first to offer a pistol equipped with a compensator straight from the factory. FN states that this particular compensator cuts muzzle flip by 25%, which I found to be pretty accurate. I shot with and without the compensator attached and can say that the perceived recoil was at least 25% less when the compensator was equipped. 

Grainy picture of shooting without the compensator
Shooting with the FN 509 CC Edge compensator
Shooting with the FN 509 CC Edge compensator
Shooting with the FN 509 CC Edge compensator

The ports of the compensator are angled to disperse the hot gasses up and away from the muzzle which counteracts the muzzle rise from shooting. Follow-up shots were quicker for this reason. Smaller pistols are typically harder to handle and shoot well due to smaller grips and larger perceived recoil. Even though this pistol is touch smaller than a Glock 19, the compensator makes shooting it feel very comparable. 

The compensator is auto-indexing and can be removed without tools in seconds. After removing the slide, all it takes is rearward push on the compensator, and a quarter-turn counter-clockwise and it pops right off.

Compensator removed from barrel, can only be installed in one orientation

Featuring FN’s “Low-Profile Optics Mounting System,” the 509 CC Edge is well equipped to fit most optics without any additional parts. FN ships this pistol with multiple MRD mounting plates, which allow optics to sit low, and allow the existing iron sights to still work. Being able to use iron sights is a great failsafe for optic failure, and getting the irons as low as the 509 CC Edge does to not cover half of the optics glass window still makes the optics very useable. The rear sight features anti-glare serrations, and the front sight utilizes a nice sharp green fiber optic insert. 

Included MRD Mounting Plates
Users Manual showing which MRD Plate fits which optic
Anti-glare rear sight serrations and green fiber optic front sight insert

The slide features utilitarian rear slide serrations and nice front slide lightening cuts which help reduce recoil as well as show off the nice gold TiN barrel this pistol features. 

Front lightening cuts showing off the sleek TiN barrel

Originally looking at pictures I thought this pistol would be smaller, but it is nearly the size of most other compact polymer pistols out there such at a Glock 19 or Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 Compact. It has an overall length of 7.5″ while sitting 4.8″ tall. I prefer to carry handguns in this size range as they fit my hands great, and I can control them really well when firing quickly. The grip is chopped a little shorter but is still long enough to get a good grip when using either the 12 or 15-round magazines. Two interchangeable backstraps are also included, and the side of the frame features stippling to help maintain a good grip while shooting. 

Replaceable backstop can be changed by driving out a pin. Side stippling is not over-aggressive, and better than most smooth sided grips.

While I have no big preference for a flat or curved trigger, I have found myself slowly graduating toward flat-faced aftermarket triggers in my other firearms. FN featured a flat-faced trigger with this pistol from the factory which is great for me. I measured the trigger to consistently break at 5 lbs when pulled from where I would place the middle of my trigger finger. The trigger has a light take-up and a well defined wall. However, after getting to the wall, there is slight amount of creep before the trigger actually breaks. I measured it to be about 0.10″ which is slightly more than the 0.08″ of creep I measured from the S&W M&P9 M2.0 I had on hand.

Flat-faced trigger

Now, how accurate is this pistol? It features a TiN-finished 4.2″ hammer-forged, target-crowned barrel that I believe can group more accurately than me. I shot groups from 10 yards and consistently got close to 1-inch groups with Norma ammunition. I think the gun and ammo grouped fairly well, I just had issues with the trigger creeping and getting perfect shots.

Norma 108gr MHP
Norma 124gr FMJ
Norma 115gr JHP
Norma 115gr FMJ

I ended up getting the new Eotech EFLX shipped out just in time for the last leg of this review, and it ran flawlessly sitting on top of the FN 509CC Edge. The FN 509 CC Edge handled all the ammunition I threw at it without an optic, and worked great for the short amount of time I was able to use the EFLX.

Just be aware that heavier optics may end up causing issues with lighter ball ammo when used with a compensator as the compensator reduces recoil and the heavier optics add weight and mass to the slide. It’s good practice to always test your carry ammo in your gun with it in its final configuration.

No issues running and gunning with the Eotech EFLX red dot on top with the Streamlight TLR-10G light/laser combo

Shown below is a short video I made shooting the FN 509CC Edge with the EFLX attached:

In the end, I love what FN is doing with the CC Edge. I want to see compensators and optic cuts become the standard for all pistols, and this offering is one of the first to push the industry in that direction. This pistol packs in a lot of great features, but it comes at a price. The MSRP is $1,569 for the 509 CC Edge and the street price comes in around $200 less than that. This is a lot for a factory gun, yet it remains comparable to what people spend to get “Gucci” pistols without the headache of trying to piece everything together all while waiting on current lead times to get slides milled for optics. Out of the box, this pistol includes almost everything you could want except for the optic itself.

Carrying case and included accessories for the 509 CC Edge

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  • SavvyVet July 26, 2023, 9:45 pm

    I guess I’m getting cheap in my old age, but having a red dot optic on this would be a good deal. Coming from the factory with it, especially for that price tag. I am former military and understand the FN quality tag, but that’s quite a bit without a Red Dot. Think I’ll stick with my 365x and equipped Red Dot. Not that I’m not tempted, esp with the inclusion of the compensator… ʘ⁠‿⁠ʘ

  • Joe Wells May 26, 2023, 8:40 am

    Neat looking pistol, but too fat to carry for my taste. I have the Edge Ls 5” and the Shadow Systems MR 920 Elite with compensator. Will likely part with the Edge, keep the MR920, for home defense/target. Hanging a big light on that front end has got to help reduce muzzle flip!
    Thin is In for concealed, IWB particularly. Give me a G48/43x with Shield 15rd mags, Hellcat Pro, etc.

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