Genesis Arms Unveils the GEN-12 Suppressed Breacher Shotgun — SHOT Show 2024

Mitchell Graf SHOT Show 2024

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At SHOT Show 2024 Genesis Arms showcased its latest creation, the 5″ GEN-12 SBM (or suppressor breacher model) shotgun, equipped with a HUXWRX 12 gauge suppressor. We caught up with one of their representatives for a quick rundown of this impressive gun.

When asked about what lead to this new SBM lineup, Genesis Arms states that:

We were recently approached by a government entity with the request to design and produce a breaching shotgun. We accepted the challenge and advised that we would make a mission specific GEN-12. The conflict we faced was in our reciprocating barrel, as our standard GEN-12 model was not intended to be deployed as a breaching shotgun. To explain, if the standard GEN-12 was deployed to breach and the muzzle was pressed into a door-jam, then the barrel would be depress rearward. This would prohibit the short recoil system from gaining momentum to cycle the bolt carrier group and would essentially give the user a single shot/pump 12 gauge. To overcome this, the SBM line integrates a new patent pending system and allows for the muzzle device to be fixed in place. The SBM line still maintains the optimized short recoil system giving the end user a professional grade GEN-12.

Wildly short Genesis Arms GEN-12 SBM.

The Genesis GEN-12, a 5-inch suppressed breacher shotgun, features semi-automatic or even fully-automatic capabilities.

This shotgun can fire 12-gauge rounds at an impressive speed, handling everything from slugs to birdshot with reliability and consistency.

The new model comes with a 5″ barrel designed to be as compact as possible.

The HUXWRX suppressor, designed exclusively for Genesis Arms, adds an extra layer of innovation. With a proprietary thread pitch tailored to the fixed muzzle device of the GEN-12, it includes a removable breaching standoff for those who don’t require such equipment.

Additionally, the suppressor enables the Gen 12 to unleash rounds as fast as the shooter can pull the trigger.

The recoil, or lack thereof, was a surprising highlight for a short barreled shotgun. Despite the 5-inch barrel and the punch of 12-gauge ammunition, the Genesis GEN-12 has minimal felt recoil.

Shooting it myself, I can say it is similar to the recoil of an AR10. Also, the lower adheres to the DPMS AR10 specifications, allowing it to be used on a 308 upper if desired!

Testing out the suppressed 5″ GEN-12 SBM.

This new Genesis Arms GEN-12 SBM shotgun, in collaboration with HUXWRX, has delivered a compact breacher that is designed to work full-auto and suppressed. Genesis Arms created it as a versatile tool, but enthusiasts still enjoy trying it out on the range.

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  • Cary A Kieffer February 8, 2024, 7:29 am

    I bought the 10 inch SBM a couple years ago. Great shotgun and will feed anything perfectly. Very nice BUT, BUT I tried contacting them right after my purchase as my last round bolt hold open doesn’t always engage. Misses half the time and nobody ever bothered to respond to me….I also wanted to order the suppressor at the same time. Again nothin…seems like they got my first $2600 ish and ditched me. From my personal experience it seems I’m on my own after the purchase.

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