Handi-Holster: The Only Legal Magnetic Racking Holster!

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Grimes, IA – At the NRA annual meeting in Houston, HandiRacker.com, announced the immediate availability of Handi-Holster!

Handi-Holster is available in Large (full-sized 9mm and larger pistols) and Small (slim 9mm and smaller) versions. There are several Magnetic Holsters that allow the user to manipulate your slide, by infringing on our patent #9,194,636.

We decided to make the only Legal Magnetic Racking Holster, the best available. While most of the infringers use weak magnets, that’s not the Handi-Racker way!

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We are using a very strong cup magnet that aligns along the length of the pistol. Our magnet focuses its power and incorporates an easy tip-out design. Handi-Holster mounts through the magnet with tapered screws or bolts. A silicon boot protects the finish on your pistol while hiding the fasteners.

Now you can mount your Handi-Holster where you wish! For durability, Handi-Holster is CNC machined from HDPE black plastic.

Many happy customers of Handi-Racker have a new option to store and load their pistols now that the Handi-Holster is available.  Now available at www.HandiRacker.com and Amazon.

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