Remington Announces New Ammo Line Extensions Including in 360 Buckhammer

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LONOKE, Ark. – January 26, 2024 – Remington Ammunition has announced its latest line extension offerings for 2024, including new cartridges and loads available in favorites like Core-Lokt Tipped, Nitro Sporting Clays, Core-Lokt Copper, High Terminal Performance Handgun, Performance Wheelgun and the straight wall cartridge taking the whitetail woods by storm, 360 Buckhammer.

“Big Green is gearing up for another successful year by introducing a variety of new loads in some of your favorite cartridges in several dependable product lines,” said Remington’s Director of Marketing Joel Hodgdon. “Whether you want to shoot 7mm PRC in hunter-approved Core-Lokt Tipped, or hunt with 360 Buckhammer in Core-Lokt Copper, Remington has new options coming for you.”

These line extensions join several newly announced product families Big Green slated to load up in ‘24. Highlights include Premier CuT, UMC Leadless, 22 Golden Hunter, Ranch Hand, Nitro Steel Duplex, Nitro Pigeon, Low Decibel, Premier AccuTip MZ and Core-Lokt Handgun. For more information on Remington’s new ammunition and accessories, visit

SKU / Description / MSRP

Nitro Sporting Clays

  • R20132 / 12 gauge, 2 ¾”, 1 oz., 7.5 Shot 1290 FPS / $17.99

Core-Lokt Tipped

  • R20041 / 360 Buckhammer 180 GR Core-Lokt Tipped / $48.99
  • R20039 / 7MM-08 Remington 140 GR Core-Lokt Tipped / $53.99
  • R20043 / 6.5 PRC 140 GR Core-Lokt Tipped / $79.99
  • R20045 / 7MM PRC 175 GR Core-Lokt Tipped / $81.99
  • R20047 / 300 PRC 210 GR Core-Lokt Tipped / $96.99

Core-Lokt Copper

  • R20061 / 360 Buckhammer 160 GR Core-Lokt Copper / $47.99

High Terminal Performance Handgun

  • R20017 / 32 H&R Magnum HTP 85GR Jacketed Hollow Point / $34.99

Performance Wheelgun

  • 20021 / 32 H&R Magnum 95GR Lead Semi-Wadcutter / $34.99

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  • Roger M. Foszcz February 2, 2024, 3:01 pm

    When are you going to start loading the old standby .35 Rem caertidges? This ain’t right.

    • Frank February 4, 2024, 12:02 am

      Hi, Roger. Please check out Hornady’s Leverevolution rounds for your 35 Rem. They load a 200 grain FTX bullet in your caliber that is safe in the tubular magazines found on most lever guns. I took a nice 8 point a couple of years back with the Leverevolution ammo in my antique Marlin 336RC chambered in the classic 32 Winchester Special. The Hornady Leverevolution rounds will fly faster/flatter and hit harder than any of the old Remington loads in the same caliber. Good luck!

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