Surviving Radiation When the NUKE PLANTS BLOW – Prepping 101 is Back!

Surviving Radiation When the NUKE PLANTS BLOW - Prepping 101 is Back!

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Inciteful thoughts by Shane Connor: The Good News About Nuclear Destruction

When I first started Prepping 101 I never imagined that I would have to battle misinformation to the degree I have been forced to do so over the years.

Measuring radiation is one of the things that you will have to slow yourself down to understand fully. If you purchased a “geiger counter” for your prepping supplies, there is a very good chance that it will be completely useless in the event of either a nuclear war, or a nuclear power plant event.

I am not going to get into the fear porn of a potential nuclear war. My personal feeling is that few if any of those giant ICBMs will even launch at this point. Our government can’t make a new military jet that is worth a damn. Do you think that they can keep a missile in an underground silo able to fly as much as 30 to 50 years after it was put in there? And what about the Russians? Please. 99% of what we all grew up believing is fake, and when there is government money tied to it, it’s a virtual guarantee.

Nuke plants are a whole other story.

There is no off switch on a nuclear power plant. You can insert the rods to bring the reactor to low power, but shutting down the reaction can take years.

Now, if you got the shot, or shots, I certainly do not wish ill upon you, but the reality is that hundreds of thousands of people are dying of these shots, and even more are maimed and no longer functional. It is not going reported, and the evil people engineering the whole thing are merely pushing harder and harder to get everyone stuck.

What happens if a few of those people work in your local nuclear power plant? What if, as many prominent doctors and scientists have predicted, a lot of them start dying or can no longer work because their immune systems have been disabled? The cabal may have figured this in and not inoculated these people, but you never know.

So now might be an opportune time to learn about how you know when you are in an active heavy radiation field, and how to accurately measure it. If you watched the Chernobyl series, they claimed that the people smelled a copper smell in the air, which would be iodine-131, which I’ll get to, but otherwise, the local fire department Geiger counters did not work.

Surviving Radiation When the NUKE PLANTS BLOW - Prepping 101 is Back!
Low level radiation meters like this emply a Geiger-Mueller tube to measure radiation, but even my tiny Cesium-137 test source maxes them out and renders them useless. It is impossible to measure dangerous radiation with any of them.

That is because most common Geiger-Mueller tubes are not built to measure high level radiation. If they were, they could not measure low level leakage from x-ray equipment and other normal applications for measuring radiation. The fairly standard SBM-20 Soviet era Geiger tube quits out at about one millirad, which is only several hundred times normal background radiation at present, and not what is considered dangerous levels of radiation.

Over the years of this column I have tested at least a dozen different Geigers. With the test source you see in the video, they have exhibited several different behaviors, from topping out like you see in this video, to actually shutting themselves off. Some even did different things every time.

You will noticed that I already mentioned a radiation measurement term, “milirads.” And that is where radiation can get somewhat confusing. There are several terms that are nearly synonymous. Rads, Roentgens and Rems are basically all the same unit. Technically they measure different aspects, but they are all one to one proportional. Sieverts are a smaller unit, supposedly to measure absorbed radiation, but they are really the same thing, but one rad is 100 Sieverts. So background radiation in most of the US is around .14 microsieverts, or 14 microrads, or millionths of a rad.

Dangerous levels of radiation are north of 1 rad per hour. That isn’t to say that you should not inquire if background radiation jumps to 1 millirad/hr with no explanation, or really even double normal background. That is why low level meters can be good to have, and why you should have one. But what I call “get out of Dodge” is not at 1 millirad (one one thousandth) an hour, even though your low level meter is definitely going to make it appear that the sky is falling.

The problem is you don’t know how far about that 1 millirad the radiation has reached. This is why you need a high level meter.

I think the most cost effective and bulletproof high level meter you can buy, is actually to be more of a warning device than a meter. it is the NukeALERT, made by Shane Connor at It chirps when radiation reaches .1 rads, or one tenth of a rad. That is one hundred times one millirad, where the low level meters crap out.

Surviving Radiation When the NUKE PLANTS BLOW - Prepping 101 is Back!
The NukALERT is built to be a keyfob, but after breaking that ring a couple times I now just keep it in my pocket.
Surviving Radiation When the NUKE PLANTS BLOW - Prepping 101 is Back!
The chirp alert system on the NukALERT is simple and intuitive.

Next in line is to buy a surplus Civil Defense meter, and ideally have it checked and calibrated. My impetus for diving back into this subject right now was because I stumbled on an Ebay seller who has over 700 of the most common meter, the CDV-715 for only $45 plus shipping. These meters can go for upwards of $300 after a Fukushima type event.

Surviving Radiation When the NUKE PLANTS BLOW - Prepping 101 is Back!
The CDV-715 starts measuring at .5 rads per hour, and goes up to 500.

The Civil Defense program was started early in the Cold War, until it was mothballed in the Clinton years. In the “legit prepper” world, these devices are very well known, and they are generally thought to be assumed working. Well, at least that’s how it was. Now I see a lot of people selling what are clearly broken and rusty machines, claiming that they don’t know if it works, or have no way to test it. This particular guy claims they are in great shape, and I have no reason to doubt it, though I have not personally bought one myself.

Ideally you should have your meter checked and calibrated by Shane Connor at As I explained in the video, I have sent Shane about 20 meters over the years, going back to 2003 I think, and only one CDV-720 was not serviceable. Most meters are even pretty close to calibrated, especially if they have a prior calibration sticker. The problem is you just never know. And for a calibration fee if $112, it is worth knowing.

Right now Shane has several CDV-715s in hand and already calibrated, so if you want one now, by all means call him at the number above.

The other machine I have sent to Shane with no problem are the CDV-717s. They have a cable and the ion chamber comes off as a separate base. You can extend the cable outside of your shelter to measure outdoor levels without having to go out there to hold the meter. It’s handy if you can find one.

Note that these CDV meters cannot measure low level radiation at all. There is a machine called the CDV-700 that was a companion to these meters, and that is a standard Geiger Counter. Generally I see them on Ebay at close to $200, bought by people completely ignorant to the fact that they cannot measure high level radiation any better than any other Geiger-Mueller tube meter.

In the video I made a point about these high level meters that is worth repeating, because I know a lot of our new subscribers are coming from the Stew Peters show. Recently a video circulated in the Bitchute/Telegram world showing a guy who claimed to be a doctor or scientist using one of these CDV-715 meters to measure the supposed radioactivity of people who got the shot. This was absolute fraud, because as you can see in the video, the needle always bounces on these meters, and there is no correlation to any low level radiation source, as I demonstrated.

Surviving Radiation When the NUKE PLANTS BLOW - Prepping 101 is Back!
Even a small chunk of Cesium-137 does not budge these meters, so now you know how to spot a big faker trying to snag you with radiation fear porn.

Should you skip buying one of these Ebay meters because you can’t afford the calibration? I don’t know. What I say is that I have been buying these meters for twenty years, from many different Ebay sellers, and have rarely run into problems with them. I do have many of my meters calibrated, because I give them as gifts, but generally the calibration parameters fall within what I would call acceptable SHTF guidelines for just knowing to get out of Dodge. My vote is to maybe ask the guy to circuit test the one he is going to send, and just get it.

Surviving Radiation When the NUKE PLANTS BLOW - Prepping 101 is Back!
I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to sitting and calculating my total dose exposure when the SHTF. The differences in these parameters are not material to me. All I care is that the meter works, and it’s close enough.
Surviving Radiation When the NUKE PLANTS BLOW - Prepping 101 is Back!
These are the levels of radiation and the damage they are estimated to cause in an government civil defense pamphlet from 1994. As you can see, we are not going to quivel of a 10% error when it is time to leave. And you can see why a background change in radiation from .14 microsieverts to 200 microsieverts just isn’t a life threatening leave now event.

The last thing I will mention is potassium iodide, and again, this is something that most people have no clue about, but that is well known in the prepper world.

Potassium iodide is nothing more than an iodine supplement. You could use liquid iodine drops and they most likely would have the same benefit. Potassium iodide, or KI, is just an easily absorbable version that lasts for a long time in pill form.

KI’s role is to fill up your thyroid with iodine until it doesn’t want to absorb anymore. When you do that, any iodine that the body takes in, eating, drinking and even breathing, will pass through to the liver to be eventually urinated out.

When I nuclear bomb pops, or a a reactor explodes or melts down, a radioactive isotope of iodine called iodine-131 is released into the air. If you watched Chernobyl, as I said they mentioned that people smelled copper. That radioactive iodine is what killed the majority of the long term complication victims in that terrible event. They all died of thyroid cancer.

At the time, Poland had a civil defense program that included KI, and they gave it to millions of their citizens. There was almost no incidence afterward of thyroid disease. Ukraine, where the accident happened, did not have KI on hand, and chose to cover up the harm rather than rush to help their people.

Thyrosafe, Shane Connor’s product at, is $20 per package on Amazon. In the video I showed you IOSAT, which I bought a lot of myself, and it is about half that, for four more pills. Iodine-131 has a half life of 8 days, so by day 10 it is probably not as potent, but if a reactor is constantly spewing, it is probably smart to continue taking KI until you are safely out of harms way. The child dose is one 65mg pill and the adult does is two.

Surviving Radiation When the NUKE PLANTS BLOW - Prepping 101 is Back!
This is the brand that I bought for myself, and it is still around the price I paid on Amazon, under $10 per pack.

Right now, with no imminent radiation threat in the news, this is the best time to get this stuff at a reasonable price. Years early is better than one day late, and none of us know when that day is going to come. I hope we never see that day, but under the current set of circumstances we face, more than likely we will.

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  • Rob March 13, 2022, 4:12 am

    If you want to make SSKI Saturated Liquid Solution, here is how you can make it. I bought 100 grams pharma grade potassium iodide, and divided it over 10 dropper vials of 10ml. 9 of these will find their way to selected people, for their families. When push comes to shove, 7ml water is added to each vial, resulting in saturated KI, 2 drops of which is an adult, 1 drop child, ½ drop for infant daily dose of emergency iodide for 10 days. 80 doses to a vial, the vial with content cost me less than $3 instead of $90 for pills, and it has an infinite shelf life, just don’t add water til needed. Feel free to spread this “recipe” to any survival communities you are a member of.

  • mlp January 6, 2022, 4:37 pm

    The author is correct that the handheld meters are useless, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone say geiger counters are TOO sensitive! Unless you’re very near the site of release – in which case you have little chance of avoiding serious amounts of radiation exposure of all types and routes, these handheld units are worthless because they are not sensitive enough to beta emitters. So forget alpha, gamma, and especially neutron radiation – if those are your risks, you’re dead already.

    For 99.9% of the population that lives aways from the immediate release, the biggest health risk is ingestion of beta-emitters in your food and water. Levels far below the sensitivity of a beta meter can still be harmful or fatal. What is needed is a field scintillation counter, of which only one that I know of was ever made, and is long out of production and service. There is currently just no practical means of measuring whether your food or water is safe, in the aftermath of a nuclear release. Better to try to move upwind and find upwind sources of ground water. Or make friends with someone in a nuclear medicine or research facility with access to a scintillation counter.

    It’s not the blast that gets you, it’s the beta contamination you ingest.

  • larry December 2, 2021, 9:00 pm

    I like your columns, but please stop spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation about vaccines. It isn’t helping anything

  • Tom F@#$ November 22, 2021, 1:37 pm

    I work at a Nuclear plant , the workers are being coerced to get the Clot Shot. The deadline is around Christmas this year. Im putting in for an exemption but the writing is on the wall. By January, I and any other workers here that aren’t jabbed will be terminated.

  • paul I'll call you what I want/1st Amendment November 22, 2021, 12:18 pm

    No more lead paint in the U.S. so knowing and stopping is a moot point…….besides the fallout will take care of the job.

  • Jim Corrin November 22, 2021, 9:34 am

    Nuke plants Blow??? Kind of far fetched isn’t it?

  • Steven November 22, 2021, 9:28 am

    I wouldn’ t be surprised if those plant workers are exempt from getting the shots, like USPS, FEMA, employees of Big Pharma, etc., etc..

    • Bill November 22, 2021, 4:49 pm

      We aren’t exempt unfortunately. A lot of us are looking for new employment opportunities now.

  • Billy M November 22, 2021, 7:55 am

    Slight issue. What type of radiation do these ‘detectors’ measure? Beta, Alpha, Gamma, Neutron? These are the common ones found in nuke plants. Special ones are needed for Neutron.

    • Paul Helinski November 22, 2021, 8:29 am

      I strongly suggest you use some of the links provided.

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