Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz Renews Gun Control Push

Update: 2/8/23 — A House committee approved and forwarded four gun control bills, including a red flag provision, a storage requirement, expanded background checks, and a mandate for citizens to promptly report stolen firearms to law enforcement.


Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz renewed his push for new gun control measures after retaining office in a hotly contested 2022 election.

Following the heated race that included spats over such topics as sharply-rising crime rates in the Twin Cities and other areas of the state, Walz laid out his proposed budget that included a massive $300 million allocation for local public safety efforts throughout the state.

Along with the public safety spend, Walz is rallying behind his Democratic peers in the legislature to expand background checks on gun purchases and enact a”red flag law” that allows law enforcement to temporarily seize a person’s firearm if they are accused of being a danger to themselves or others.

Walz didn’t stop there, however. He also wants to raise the purchasing age for “military-style” firearms to 21, and ban so-called “high capacity” magazines.

Gov. Walz of Minnesota.
Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz. (Photo: Walz/Twitter)

“When a country has the number of guns and the access to them like we do … the number of shootings are disproportionately higher here,” Walz said recently, per MSN. “We’re going to finally tackle this issue around some common-sense gun [laws].”

Anti-gun groups like the Minnesota chapters of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action were quick to praise Walz’s efforts.

“We thank Governor Walz for prioritizing comprehensive and life-saving gun violence prevention measures in the One Minnesota Budget package,” said Kathleen Anderson, a volunteer for the Minnesota chapter of Moms Demand Action.

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However, Minnesota’s 2nd Amendment proponents were equally quick to voice their opposition to Walz’s proposals.

“Today, Governor Walz unveiled his California-style gun control agenda which has failed to prevent gun violence wherever it is enacted, instead infringing upon the rights of law-abiding citizens,” said Rob Doar, senior vice president of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, last month. “Gun owners in Minnesota must be prepared to fight this ineffective and unconstitutional legislation.”

“This proposed gun control legislation would infringe on the constitutional rights of Minnesotans while failing to prevent gun violence,” said Bryan Strawser, Chairman, Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus. “Minnesota should focus on other commonsense means to address the acts of criminals while preserving the constitutional rights of law-abiding Minnesotans.”

Walz’s previous gun-control efforts stalled when the legislation failed to proceed through a split legislature. But following November’s election, the Dems have seized full control of the state government, paving the way for what is sure to be an uphill battle for 2A proponents in the Gopher State.

As always, stay tuned for updates.

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  • Bryan February 12, 2023, 12:29 pm

    Minnesota is my home state but has long been a ‘grandmother’ state and I see the trend continues with this worthless legislation. I left it over 38 years ago because of the excess taxation and lack of economic opportunity. Minnesota taxes you on everything including social security. Add in the antics of Ilhan ‘Jihad’ Omar and staying away becomes even easier.

  • jerry February 10, 2023, 1:23 pm

    I stopped travelling to Canada because of woke craziness. Now I have to stop going to Minnesota? Minnesota democrats need to wake up and quit voting with those foreigners who have taken over the Twin Cities. BTW who are those folks in that photo and what happened to “diversity”?

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