Missouri voters approve amendment making gun rights ‘unalienable’


On Tuesday, Missouri voters were asked the following question, “Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to include a declaration that the right to keep and bear arms is an unalienable right and that the state government is obligated to uphold that right?”

Well, over 1 million voters answered that question with 61 percent answering in the affirmative, thus passing the pro-gun measure known as Amendment 5 that further protects one’s Second Amendment rights by subjecting any gun-control proposal to “strict scrutiny,” the toughest standard of judicial review used by courts around the country.

State Rep. Charles Davis (R-District 128) explained the importance of Amendment 5.

“It makes it an inalienable right, so it is a right that cannot be taken a way from you without changing the constitution back,” Davis told KOAM.

“We do have the right to keep and bear arms, for hunting purposes and also for home and self defense, but it’s just a further protection,” Davis elaborated.

The new language does not just cover firearms however, but also includes ammunition and firearm-related accessories.

“A gun without ammunition is worthless, just like a car without gas serves no purpose,” Davis said. “So if we can stand up and protect the rights of Missouri citizens to have the ammunition in conjunction with the guns, then we feel that is a good constitutionally protected measure.”

Meanwhile, Everytown for Gun Safety was quick to criticize the change to the Show Me State’s constitution.

“As a leader in the national movement to reduce gun violence and save lives – with a Missouri chapter of Moms Demand Action – Everytown for Gun Safety took on the fight against the misleading language in Amendment 5 in Missouri state court,” said the Bloomberg-backed organization in a statement emailed to GunsAmerica.

Erika Soto Lamb, communications director for Everytown for Gun Safety.  (Photo: MSNBC)

Erika Soto Lamb, communications director for Everytown for Gun Safety. (Photo: MSNBC)

“Politicians backed by the gun lobby wrote Amendment 5 to sound harmless, but what it has the potential to do is dangerous for Missouri families and communities. If the gun lobby succeeds in using Amendment 5 to dismantle the state’s concealed carry permit system, they will put Missourians in danger by making it legal for anyone — including convicted criminals — to carry concealed, loaded guns in public without a permit or safety training. In spite of this outcome, we firmly believe this measure is far out of step with what Missouri voters want.”

As the Columbia Daily Tribune reported, Amendment 5 passed in every jurisdiction except the city and county of St. Louis and Boone County, falling short in the latter by a margin of six percentage points, 53 percent voted “no” while 47 percent voted “yes.” To suggest that the measure is “far out of step” with what voters want seems almost laughable.

As for how the new language effects the state’s concealed carry licensing system, that has yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, the nation’s gun lobby praised the passing of Amendment 5 in a press release.

“The people of Missouri have sent a clear, strong message that they will not allow anti-gun activists to trample on their Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.

“This amendment is the gold standard for the protection of the individual right to Keep and Bear Arms. In the face of unprecedented threats from billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his network of anti-gun groups across the country, Americans are fighting back to protect their rights. I applaud the people of Missouri and call on all Americans to support similar efforts in their states. On behalf of the NRA’s five million members, I thank the ballot’s sponsors, Senator Kurt Schaefer, Majority Leader Ron Richard, Speaker-elect John Diehl and members of the Missouri General Assembly who supported this measure. Across the country, gun rights supporters are taking note of their leadership on this critical issue,” added Cox.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • listen to this August 11, 2014, 11:21 am

    Davis is missing the key purpose of the 2nd amendment. As quoted (not word for word) the right to keep and bear arms to defend against tranny in government. Don’t get me wrong Davis’ s opinion is still a far better perception than most of our lobbied politicians, and brainwashed sheep by global elite Jewish owned mainstream media satellite networks.

    • Jeff August 13, 2014, 7:28 pm

      WTF? Global elite! Sounds like someone hates for the sake of hating! Please leave your hateful attitude and paranoia at the door before entering into the conversation. As I recall we were talking about the 2nd amendment. Where in the Sam heel did the “global elite” stuff come from, Nazi Germany?

    • Dirk N. August 21, 2014, 3:59 pm

      I am Jewish and you want to know were I learned about gun control. My earliest memories of me and my dad going to police stations were he participated in pistol matches for the local gun club. My dad teaching me how to respect and never play with real firearms. My first gun class was how to shoot a riffle. From there my gun control has gotten stronger. For sometime I had my FFL and most recently when I moved to Arizona I took a training class so I could get my Concealed Carry Licence.

      So before you start throwing out generalization about specific people and religious groups you better have facts to back you up. One more thing why would you think that those trying to take away gun rights are Jewish. In Israel every citizen has to serve time in the military. Who better would understand the need for an army of strong well trained armed citizens.

      If you want to hate people and talk about it start your own forum. This one here is for people, from every where, to share their love and concerns about the future of the truest type of gun control “An educated gun owner”.

  • EJ HARB August 11, 2014, 9:48 am

    moms demand action should change name to BIMBOS BEG FOR TRACTION

  • Rick Franco August 11, 2014, 9:12 am

    This is a well written piece. Finally the truth is out. Our government is all about control of the people, not protection. If it were for protection only, police would be able to respond within 5 minutes to a call instead of sometimes hours. We must protect ourselves.

  • Patriot-Research August 11, 2014, 8:23 am

    The gentlemen is correct…the 2nd Amendment is all we need, but it clearly seems that the Commie/Liberal/Left cannot read or understand those few founding words in the 2nd Amendment..”SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”…!!! Those four words NULL and VOID all other Gun Laws on there Face, PERIOD! I hold a J.D. in Law and I (99.9% of Conservative and 1% of of the Liberal/Commie/Left) clearly understand the Founding Fathers meaning behind the 2nd Amendment and that meaning is and always shall be, “To allow Americans the RIGHT to Defend themselves against Government Tyranny, be it from our own Government or another Nations Government! The 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with Hunting! And by the way, the 2nd Amendment is clear on this issue, the Federal Government banner weapons from the American People, but allowing the U.S. Government to have said weapons, is a clear violation under the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment! Again, the wording is clear, “We the People” are to posses and own the very same Weapons the U.S. Government owns! If “We the People” wants a Tank under the 2nd Amendment we can own a functioning, Firing Tank, shells and all..!!! That’s the LAW under the U.S. Constitution! The American People can do very little against Tanks, Missile and Artillery batteries, etc., unless they own very same weapons the Military owns, so under the 2nd Amendment “We the People” hold that very Right to own such Weapons, so all those preventing “We the People” from owning these Weapons are, again, ILLEGAL ON THERE FACE, and our Founding Fathers New THIS and that’s why it’s in the Bill of Rights…IT’S OUR RIGHT not a gift from the Government for “We the People” own Arms and under the 2nd Amendment they, BY LAW, have NO SAY SO in this MATTER, they just have fooled “We the People” in believing they have that Power and they DON’T…PERIOD…!!! It’s time for “We the People” to wake-Up and take our Rights back, hopefully at the voting booth but if all else FAILS “We the People of these United States of America” have the LEGAL RIGHTS to take our Nation back by any means possible, AGAIN, THAT’S THE LAW! God help us, PLEASE!

    • gary66 August 11, 2014, 9:30 am

      as good as that sounds, protection from government, reality is that was thrown out with the bath water long ago. The people can no longer be as well equip as the government and we did it to ourselves because we allowed fear and emotion to rule over our decision making. Keeping 30 round mags when the government has nuclear capabilities is futile apart from an act of God.
      Carry on believing a defense can be made, truth is it’s over unless and only if the military splits and brings part of it’s firepower to the freedom fighters. Do not under any circumstances get involved with any group unless the military splits.

      a vry strong argument can be made that we are already an imperialistic society.

      • Joer McHugh August 11, 2014, 12:43 pm

        gary66, you have just insulted the integrity of the everyone in the Armed Forces of the United States. “…truth is it’s over unless and only if the military splits and brings part of it’s firepower to the freedom fighters.”

        All commissioned officers and enlisted personnel are required to take a two part oath, (1)defending and supporting the Constitution of the United States and (2) obeying the President as well as those placed in superior positions. If the government becomes tyrannical, the people in the Armed Forces must honor their sworn oath to support the Constitution against all aggressors both foreign and DOMESTIC. This means that the military must side with the people against those civilian leaders and high ranking officers that have broken THEIR oaths to support the Constitution.

        Such leaders can not have it both ways. They can not expect the military to support a government that has dishonored it’s oath to support the Constitution. The people in the military will have no choice but to honor their oath to uphold the Constitution.

        Don’t believe it? Ask an active duty member of the Armed Forces to state whether or not he or she would honor the oath to the Constitution or side with a dictator against the people. Remember, the oath was a two part commitment. If you want a candid answer, ask this question in private with no witnesses. obama has instituted a program to weed out any career military people who question his leadership or even make jokes about him. This was expected since obama has and has alway had the mentality of a tyrant. Tyrants always try to purge the military of those who seem honorable enough to back the oaths they took. Tyrants prize martinets over patriots.

        • Dave Hockman August 11, 2014, 6:47 pm

          Well said, Sir, well said.

    • Robert LeHane August 11, 2014, 12:53 pm

      That has got to be one of the best comments I have seen in over 10 years. I agree the Government is trying to take our rights away and if we let them do it what’s to say they will not do it to another one of our rights…This is not just a matter of gun control it goes far beyond that!

    • Kivaari August 11, 2014, 1:20 pm

      We will never get the support we need to reverse the GCA ’68 or NFA ’34. I have never feared good people having any weapon they like short of nukes, biological or chemical. People need to be arrested for misuse, not possession. Years ago I owned a 500 Russian mortar (from captured Finn stocks). During the ’68 amnesty I was in the service and did not get it registered. Upon returning home, I took it to the police department where I worked. When an ATF agent visited on another case I had him take it.
      A week later he was back ready to arrest me. He didn’t. In the end, I watched a TV news cast where Seattle PD and ATF dumped a barge load of guns and my mortar into Puget Sound. The agent, who switched to GSA, was convicted of attempted murder after trying to drown his wife in Lake Washington. Sweet justice.

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