Palmetto State Armory Expands with PSA AK-105 Rifles and Pistols

Palmetto State Armory is now making PSA AK-105 pattern rifles and pistols. (Photo: PSA)

Palmetto State Armory, or PSA, is proud to add another 100-series style of AK-pattern rifle to their lineup with the PSA AK-105. The 5.45×39mm PSA AK-105 follows the PSA AK-103 and PSA AK-104 in the growing “Century Line of Rifle” by Palmetto State Armory.

Modeled on the ’90s-era export pattern of Russian arsenal-built rifles, the PSA series features updated internals including hammer-forged Toolcraft bolts, bolt carriers and barrel trunnions with 4150 steel barrels with a gas nitride finish for wear and corrosion resistance. They also come with a full lifetime warranty.

“The Russian Federation was strapped for cash in the 1990s, which led to the development of what became known as the ‘Century Line of Rifles,” a series of AKM rifles and carbines designed solely for export. Numbered 101 through 108, the Century Line of Rifles have a special place in the heart of the AK community and come in various configurations and calibers including 5.56×45, 7.62×39, and 5.45×39,” said PSA.

The PSA AK-105 is offered in two versions, a carbine and a pistol, both with 12.5-inch barrels with a 1-in-8 twist fit with Krinkov-style muzzle devices. The carbine has an extended, pinned and welded device that brings the overall barrel length to 16.2 inches long, while the pistol has a standard size interchangeable device for M24x1.5 right-hand threaded muzzles.

The new PSA AKs are expected to list in line with other rifles in the lineup. (Photo: PSA)

The pistol uses a standard folding mechanism to let builders convert their pistols to short-barreled rifles quickly and easily once the paperwork clears. Each ships with one 30-round magazine where available

Both are side-folders, with a classic polymer stock on the carbine and a folding triangle brace on the pistol. They also feature Russian-style handguards, pistol grips and 90-degree front sight gas blocks.

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Otherwise they’re fairly standard designs, with stock rear sights, stamped dust covers and side rails for optics. Pricing is expected to be around $1,000, with stock going fast. People looking to pick up one of these PSA AK-105s should check in with PSA often and sign up for stock updates.

PSA has shown their dedication to the AK platform with consistent tweaks and improvements to their AK-pattern rifles and pistols, and they’re developing a solid following.

For more information about Palmetto State Armory AKs and other firearms, check them out online today.

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  • jrkmt1 December 19, 2021, 1:26 am

    What is Krinkov supposed to mean and why do people keep using it when the word does not exist, especially in the Russian language?

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