The Seekins Havak Bravo Rifle is Semi-Custom at Production Prices

Semi-custom at production prices. (Photo: Seekins)

Competition and precision rifle manufacturer Seekins Precision just announced the latest gun to join their lineup, the Havak Bravo. Based on the recently-introduced Havak action, the Havak Bravo is a complete rifle ready to go.

The Havak action is an improved bolt and receiver assembly compatible with Remington 700 stocks and chassis. The Havak Bravo completes the action with a barrel and Bravo Chassis from Kinetic Research Group. The result is a complete semi-custom bolt-action rifle that’s ready for competition, target shooting, hunting and more.

The Havak Bravo is available in 6mm and 6.5mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Performance Rifle Cartridge (PRC) and .308 Winchester. The chassis is available in black, green and flat dark earth.

Available in a tactical trio of colors. (Photo: Seekins)

In all chamberings the rifle uses a 416 stainless steel threaded “Light Tactical” barrel with 5R rifling. The barrels are threaded for 5/8-24 muzzle devices.

Although the Havak action is compatible with 700-pattern stocks, the action itself is fundamentally different. First, instead of dual opposed locking lugs, the Havak uses four with a 90-degree bolt throw. It has a helical extraction cam and M-16-style extractor. The bolt has spiral fluting to sweep away debris, which helps improve reliability with the tightly fit bolt and receiver.

The action has a detachable 20 MOA full-length flattop rail and, along with the barrel and bolt, has a matte Armor-Black finish. One nice touch is that the bolt handle is interchangeable with 5/16 threads.

The Bravo chassis is a great match for the Havak action. It has a polymer stock and forend fit over an aluminum core running from the action all the way to the tip of the forend for rigidity. The aluminum components have a Type III hard-anodized finish and the steel fittings are either nitrided or stainless. All together the rifle weighs 9.8 pounds.

It’s a modular design with M-Lok slots at the front, on the sides and on the bottom. It also has a Harris bipod mount at 6-o’clock. The cheekpiece is fully-adjustable with an inch of travel and the buttstock can be adjusted up to 2-1/4 inches with 3/8-inch spacers.

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The modular stock is by KRG Bravo Chassis. (Photo: Seekins)

The Bravo has a nearly vertical pistol grip for shooting from a number of positions with an ambidextrous thumb shelf. It also has an ambidextrous rear quick-detach sling mount. It, of course, uses detachable magazines and is compatible with AICS-pattern mags.

And the final, last touch is the included Timney trigger. It comes with a Timney 510 trigger with a factory-set 3-pound trigger pull. All together the Havak Bravo runs $1,950. Considering that the action without a barrel costs $1,200 and the stock starts at $350, the Havak Bravo costs less than a similar build-to-order.

All it needs is glass, and that’s not something shooters want someone else to pick for them. Seekins already had a win with the Havak action; the Havak Bravo gives people the chance to shoot one right out of the box.

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