Seekins Pushing Competition to the Limit with the New HAVAK HIT

The HAVAK HIT is designed specifically for competition shooters. (Photos: True Pearce)

Seekins Precision is expanding their HAVAK line of precision long-range bolt-action rifles for competitive shooting with the new HAVAK HIT. The HIT is a modular chassis rifle that uses interchangeable bolt heads and a removable barrel system that allows shooters to quickly swap cartridges or barrel lengths to suit different needs.

Developed for PRS Factory-class competition shooting, the modular design can be easily set up for multiple roles. Seekins is going hard after the competition scene, with the possibility of prizes and discounts for shooters who win with their HIT rifles.

The quick-detach barrel system only requires loosening an index pin and unthreading the barrel. The barrel has an extended threaded tenon for more support with the receiver. And the bolt can also be field-stripped without any tools.

One of the things that makes the HIT stand out — and Seekins as a company — is that the barrel specifications are open-source and free for anyone to use. This means any company can make barrels for the HAVAK HIT in any length, contour or chambering. Combined with interchangeable bolt faces, just about any centerfire cartridge is possible with the Hit without needing to headspace the action.

“Every day at Seekins Precision, we work toward perfection,” said Seekins. “We are not shy about saying our new HIT rifle is the most innovative bolt rifle available. We did not just slap a hunting action into a new fancy stock. The HIT rifle is a purpose-built chassis rifle with a ton of features.”

In addition to the interchangeable barrel system, the stock is highly modular as well. The barrel free-floats in an M-Lok forend that can accept a forward top rail as well as an Arca Swiss rail for bipods and more accessory mounting options.

While the action is Seekins’ design, the trigger group uses a Remington 700 pattern, making it compatible with a huge range of aftermarket triggers. Additionally, the chassis uses AR-pattern grips which also means tons of aftermarket support.

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The bolt body is fluted to help keep debris from fouling the action, and the action seals up tight with a dust cover. The top of the receiver has an integral 20 MOA rail that runs the length of the receiver extension to accommodate a variety of scope mount options.

The folding stock is fully adjustable, with a carbon fiber cheek rest and a bag rider, and the stock can be adjusted without any tools. The chassis’ enhanced magwell takes AI-pattern magazines and doubles as a barricade stop.

Seekins is launching the HAVAK HIT in some of the most popular competition chamberings, including 6mm and 6.5mm Creedmoor, 6.5mm PRC, the new GAP 6mm GT, and, of course, .308 Winchester. All of the factory 24-inch barrels are 416 stainless steel, using an LT Tactical contour and threaded for 5/8-24 muzzle devices.

Pricing for the HAVAK HIT is set at $2,100. For more information head over to Seekins Precision today.

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  • Thomas November 5, 2021, 7:25 am

    The first pictures of the Sig Cross had the dust cover just like this Seekins.

    I don’t see why Sig left it out of their production rifle but it looks good here.

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