Self-Defense Spring $7K Guns & Gear Giveaway Starts TODAY

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Spring forward? Spring back? Forget the alarm clock, it’s time for a self-defense guns and gear giveaway!

March 2021 is roaring in like a lion this year with Guns & Gadgets Daily’s hottest giveaway yet. From now through March 31, we’re offering a self-defender’s dream prize package: the Self-Defense Spring $7K Guns & Gear Giveaway! What do we mean by “dream prize package”? Well, let’s just say that the leprechauns can give it a rest this year, because after you see the guns and gear we’re giving away, nobody is going to be interested in any “pot of gold.”

At the center of the Self-Defense Spring $7K Guns & Gear Giveaway are two of the most desirable (and hard-to-find) defensive guns on the market: the Daniel Defense DDM PDW chambered in .300 Blackout, and the Magnum Research Baby Eagle III. It doesn’t stop there, though; we’re also offering 1,000 rounds of GunPrime PMC 124 gr FMJ 9mm Luger Ammo. Then there is the gorgeous WeKnife Minax folder, the Viridian HS1 Hand Stop laser (hmm, that would fit nicely on the Daniel Defense PDW, wouldn’t it), AR 500 body armor, hearing protection from AXIL, a $500 gift card to the nation’s top gunleather experts at CrossBreed, Action Target spinning steel targets, a $250 gift card from our very own XDMAN and a Gold membership to the Personal Defense Network.

Entering the Self-Defense Spring $7K Guns & Gear Giveaway is easy and free!

Just click here, provide us your contact information, and get ready to spring into self-defense!

Here’s a complete listing of the prize package on offer:

1. Daniel Defense DDM4® PDW (300 Blackout) valued at $1,940.00

2. Magnum Research Baby Eagle III, Semi-Compact Size Carbon Steel Valued at $691.00

3. Viridian Weapon Technologies HS1 Laser Hand Stop Valued at $179.00

4. CrossBreed® Holsters Gift Card (valid only on Valued at $500.00

5. WeKnife 2007C – Minax Folding Knife valued at $309.95

6. Axil GS Digital 2 earbuds valued at $799.00

7. Action Target PT Dueling Tree (Heavy Duty) Valued at $519

8. AR500 Armor AR Invictus™ Bundle (AR Invictus Plate Carrier, Two Curved Level III Plates, Two Trauma Pads, Quick Release System) Valued $487.00

9. PDN Personal Defense in the Home 9-DVD Set + FREE Concealed Carry Box Set Valued at $129.99

10. PDN Gold Membership Valued at $124.00

11. Gift Card (Valid only at Valued at $250.00

12. GunPrime PMC 124 gr FMJ 9mm Luger Ammo 1,000rds valued at $1,145.00

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