Sheryl Crow is Disappointed More Country Stars Aren’t for Gun Control

Sheryl Crow

Singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Sheryl Crow is disappointed in the country music community.  The Grammy Award-winner believes that more of her peers need to speak out in favor of gun control.

“You would think after Vegas we would see some leadership from our country community,” Crow told the Guardian, in a recent interview. “But all I can say about that is if there’s money involved, and fear, these conversations come to a screeching halt.

“There’s no one that I know of in the popular country world that is willing to step out and really to take a stand on this, and that’s really unfortunate.

“I hope there will be people who find a way out of their fear, who stick up for humanity as opposed to sticking with their fanbase or the money that can come along with having those large crowds,” she continued.

Well, maybe Crow doesn’t know about anti-gunners Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.  Or, Will Hogue, who published a song earlier this month bashing the NRA.

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Point is, there are country musicians who have come out in favor of gun control.  While it’s probably true that some don’t out of fear it will affect their bottom line, what is also likely is that many more practice what they preach in their songs.  That is to say, a majority of country artists support the Second Amendment.  That’s why they don’t feel the need to “take a stand.”

What bothers me about Crow’s comments is the presumption that being pro-gun is antithetical to being pro-humanity.  It’s not.  Empowering people to defend themselves is about as pro-humanity as it gets.  Violence against evil is what’s allowed mankind to flourish.

Later in the interview, she talks about living in fear following Sandy Hook.  Not knowing what to tell her young children about mass shootings.

“It’s a horrible feeling for my kids to not even be able to know what happened at Sandy Hook,” Crow said, “for fear they’ll walk into school and think they’re not in a safe place, or that mom will go to work and there’s a chance she may not come home if there’s somebody in the audience with a gun.”

I can empathize with Sheryl’s dilemma.  It’s a question every parent faces.  How do we keep children safe in an unsafe world?  Crow can choose to answer that however she sees fit.

But she also needs to remember that for millions of Americans, keeping their children safe is directly tied to keeping and bearing arms.  Attacking that right, or attempting to infringe on that right, is an attack on their humanity.

I wish we could wave a magic wand to rid the world of all the bad eggs.  Alas, we can’t.  Until we can, we’ll have to make do with our guns.  Or in Sheryl’s case, an armed security detail.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Jack Genna May 6, 2019, 3:37 pm

    I wonder if she saves water by licking her fingers clean after her one sheet of toilet paper doesn’t get all her excrement…
    She’s full of shit, and should wear a diaper on her head, where most of it is located…
    One thing she ain’t, and that’s a country western singer…

  • Paul Regula February 23, 2018, 10:00 am

    She’s really not a country star , just a folk singer that couldn’t make it in that gang so she slid into country with the help of the ballad she did with kid rock . Let her play at the quad for people’s change .

  • loupgarous February 23, 2018, 5:19 am

    I’m not going to waste keystrokes ragging on Sheryl Crow.
    I’d rather think about the anti-Sheryl Crow, Reba McEntire, who did such a good job in the movie Tremors co-starring with a whole room of ugly black guns in the funniest scene in adventure movies:

  • Tim4nh December 18, 2017, 9:48 am

    Where do the rap stars fall on gun control?

  • Dan December 17, 2017, 1:22 pm

    Contrary to what these wealthy critics, who have trained security personnel to protect them, think, most of us are in support of anything that will keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and psychopaths. I wish more of them would speak out against the pharmaceutical industry since the incidents that she claims to be concerned about were perpetrated by individuals who had been, or were, being treated for some mood disorder! That will never happen though because it might affect their stock portfolios.

  • Ben December 17, 2017, 9:23 am

    Well, what do you expect from someone who at a hippie rally says you only need one square of toilet paper to wipe and save the earth…..

  • Darryl December 16, 2017, 1:22 am

    she ain’t country and country ain’t been country since the olden days when they were good and weren’t hip-hop country music players. the shit they sing now is just country with black type BS to it. sickening how the country music people have just got on the cash train no matter what it really sounds like. this nut is just a few packs short of a carton as far as what she really knows of the 2nd amendment and what it really means. good by cat throat singer leaving for canada soon i hope. take the rest of the commie progressives with you. just everyones knows if you buy insurance from Progressive ins. you’re giving money to the progressive movement who are part of what is behind what this idiot wants. tell your neighbors.

  • elgavilansegoviano December 15, 2017, 7:54 pm

    ……AMERICA!!,…….BOYCOTT this Lefty Liberal Anti American trash!!,….

  • Smitty December 15, 2017, 7:39 pm

    If I hadn’t seen this article I would never have known she made this comment. That’s how much they don’t matter.
    We’ve got to stop giving these clowns publicity. She has the right to her uneducated opinion which is the opinion of the crowd she associates with ….birds of a feather as the “Crow” flies.

  • Mikial December 15, 2017, 4:45 pm

    Sheryl who? Another “performer” who thinks her money makes her an expert on everything. She’s not a country performer and she sure as heck doesn’t who understand who Country performers or their listeners are. An excerpt from her background reads as follows, “In addition to her own work, Crow has performed with the Dixie Chicks, the Rolling Stones, Jerry Lee Lewis, Stevie Nicks, Michael Jackson, Steve Earle, Prince, Eric Clapton, Luciano Pavarotti, Willie Nelson, Smokey Robinson, John Mellencamp, B.B. King, George Strait, Tony Bennett, Kid Rock, Sting, and Zucchero Fornaciari, among others. She has also performed backing vocals for Tina Turner, Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, Belinda Carlisle, Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Neal Schon, and Michael Jackson.”

    There’s a few Country performers in that bunch, but then, you tour with whoever your manager sets up for you to tour with. Stick to singing cheesy pop songs, Sheryl, and let the rest of us make our own decision.

  • KMacK December 15, 2017, 3:02 pm

    Sheryl needs to consider that most Country singers do have Country (Rural, Farming, Ranching, etc.) backgrounds. To them a gun is a tool, like a hammer or pair of pliers (both of which have been used to cause far more pain and damage than being shot causes). She assumes that her “star power” should bring other artists to her cause. Perhaps she assumes too much.
    Firearms are tools, period. They are used to protect and to defend, just like barbed wire and fencing. They are probably the most expensive tools to use, too: Hammers don’t need to be reloaded with bullets and neither do screwdrivers. Guns do. Like a hammer, a gun is dependable (or it lives on a wall). Like a chisel, a gun is accurate—as accurate as the hand holding it. So Cheryl Crow doesn’t seem to understand Country life – she just sings the music. Sad, that; she has a decent voice.

    • Justin B June 8, 2018, 8:01 am

      To everyone a gun grabbers s a tool

  • frank December 15, 2017, 10:27 am

    Who would agree with this woman that believes you should use “One Sheet” of toilet paper per visit. I didn’t say it, she did.

  • tomt December 15, 2017, 9:16 am

    Miss Crowe, repeat after me, “Expertise or notoriety in one area (entertainment, for Pete’s sake) DOES NOT, somehow, instantly and automatically translate into skill in another (psychology, sociology or political science)!!” And leadership? Don’t make me laugh! Your leadership consists of telling your band and back-up singers how to get on stage, if YOU even know. What part of “Gun control only affects law-abiding citizens” don’t you understand? Oh, please! You are too ignorant for words.

    • Dan December 15, 2017, 11:30 am

      You hit the nail on the head. Because you can sing lady does not entitle you to make any policy about personal protection and let’s see you disarm your bodyguards. Typical Hollywood BS

  • Dave December 15, 2017, 9:16 am

    I wonder if her bodyguards have weapons to protect her and her children. Also they ride in vehicles and automobiles kill people too. Sounds a little hypocritical to me.

  • Tj December 15, 2017, 8:57 am

    Cheryl Crow is a has been liberal hack. Why would she think anyone really cares what she thinks since no one does.

  • GRA December 15, 2017, 8:53 am

    More proof this skank is as ignorant and she is slutty. Never liked her and never will. She aint country by a long shot neither.

  • J S Wilkey December 15, 2017, 8:28 am

    Hey washed up rocker, aka Sheryl Crow. You ain’t country. How do I know? Because, I was country when country wasn’t cool.

  • Mike December 15, 2017, 8:21 am

    When will these stars stop? Never.
    So hit them where it hurts, their wallet.
    That’s why I don’t give anyone my money with the Liam Neeson syndrome. (Makes movies with him taking care of business with a gun, then in real life advocates gun control)

  • Leighton Cavendish December 15, 2017, 7:51 am

    Guns kill about 35,000 per year…abortions about 600,000….
    I am pro 2A and pro-choice….just like to put out the numbers for comparison.

    • Luke December 15, 2017, 2:54 pm

      . . .and, THERE’S the problem. Those 600,000 babies are not considered human by the liberal mindset or those who participate in the Women’s March. You see, those are ‘fetuses’ not ‘babies’. And THAT is how God damned sick those useless bastards really are. Assly Judd is just the tip of the ice-queen syndrome – cold-hearted bitches just like Sheryl Crowsfeet. Human life means nothing until it’s ended by a bullet. Then, and ONLY then is it a tragedy.

    • Dan December 17, 2017, 1:46 pm

      And the largest threat to this planet is overpopulation. The World’s population is approaching 7.6 billion people, and if we all become vegetarians, it’s possible that the earth may be able to sustain 9 to 10 billion, but our politicians are more interested in passing MASSIVE tax cuts for Corporations and the Wealthy while deluding us into thinking they are protecting our rights. If public opinion turns against us to a large enough degree, they will be calling for gun control just as loudly as the other Corporate controlled political party!

  • Dr Motown December 15, 2017, 7:05 am

    Why doesn’t she start by removing the metal detectors and armed security from her concerts?

  • RetNavet December 15, 2017, 5:06 am

    So much wisdom(sarc.) coming from the woman who shared a bed with Lance the cheater and goes thru life with plenty of her own night-soil under her fingernails….I fully expect this woman to die of stupidity disguised as e-coli.

  • SuperG December 14, 2017, 10:33 am

    I’m sure she lives in California within a protected compound. One day she’ll get victimized and become a believer in the right to self-protection, but until then she’ll continue to speak in ignorance.

  • Blue Dog December 13, 2017, 7:34 pm

    I don’t think Hank did it that way.
    Is Sheryl Crow a country artist? Would her argument be based on her being one of the community she is calling out?
    Maybe new country can form a separate identity from the gun culture but the appreciation of firearms is intertwined with real country music.

  • Bobs yer uncle December 13, 2017, 2:10 pm

    Isn’t she the one that said you only need one square of toilet paper? She clearly hasn’t had Elk chili at my house, but none the less, shes full of sh………..

  • Sepp W December 12, 2017, 6:30 pm

    Whatever. Another “coming out” of a closet liberal lecturing the rest of us on morality, the path to dystopia, and how the people’s rights are inconsequential.

    • paul Raczkowski December 15, 2017, 11:47 am

      Could it be because many C&W artists live in a real part of America and not fantasy land?

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