[VIDEO] SIG MCX Regulator – Is It Competitive In a Two Gun Match?

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True from Guns America recently put the SIG MCX Regulator to the test at a tactical two-gun match, showcasing its potential beyond just being 48-state legal (note: not in Washington and Illinois due to specific laws). Despite its non-custom setup, right out of the box, the SIG Regulator held its own against fully customized rifles. Watch the video above.

At the match, True used Winchester 55 grain FMJs for closer targets and Nosler 77 grain long-range rounds for distances beyond 300 yards. A notable achievement was spinning a difficult target that many competitors struggled with, highlighting the Regulator’s capability even in challenging conditions.

SIG MCX Regulator with a barricade
Shooting through barricades.

However, True faced some challenges with ergonomics and scope settings, emphasizing the importance of getting familiar with the rifle for optimal performance. Despite these obstacles, True managed an impressive fourth overall and first in the scope tactical division, proving that the Regulator can be competitive, especially in states with strict gun laws.

SIG MCX Regulator on dump box
The Regulator engaged and hit targets well beyond 300 yards during the match.

This experience proves that the Regulator isn’t just a rifle made to navigate legal restrictions. It’s a capable firearm for any task. It may not be the first choice for those in states with fewer restrictions, but for those looking for a high-quality, versatile option, this one stands out. It’s a story of exceeding expectations and showing that with the right equipment, competitive success is within reach, regardless of legal constraints.

For a deeper dive into the features and True’s full experience with the Regulator, check out more on GunsAmerica’s website and YouTube channel.

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SIG MCX Regulator right side
SIG MCX Regulator being shot during a two gun competition.

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  • Patrick April 1, 2024, 11:52 am

    How many rounds does that magazine hold? Looks like more than 30 rounds.

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