SIG Sauer Launching P365XL Spectre Comp Custom Works Limited Edition

Part EDC, part racegun, the P365XL Spectre Comp is the newest from SIG’s Custom Works. (Photo: SIG)

SIG Sauer is expanding its Custom Works line of premium handguns with the new P365XL Spectre Comp chambered for 9mm Luger. Built on their popular everyday carry P365XL, the Spectre includes features that make it just as comfortable at a match as it is on the nightstand or in the waistband.

Like all P365 pistols, the P365XL Spectre Comp is a micro-compact, the hottest class of handguns on the market today. These guns carry as much ammunition as subcompact pistols, just in thinner, lighter packages.

“The Spectre family of pistols is SIG Custom Works’ feature-rich polymer pistol line that is fine-tuned for performance,” said SIG Vice President Tom Taylor. “The custom-designed slide and gold features of the P365XL Spectre Comp make this latest addition to the Spectre series noticeably distinct.”

“However, the true standout feature of the P365XL Spectre Comp is the uniquely integrated compensator that reduces muzzle flip and felt recoil by up to 30 percent, and because of the design will never come loose or cause function issues,” he said. “The P365XL Spectre Comp offers all the benefits of a compensated pistol in a reliable, concealable, everyday carry package.”

The P365XL Spectre Comp has an unloaded weight of just under 21 ounces. (Photo: SIG)

A Spectre pistol, the newest P365XL features an upgraded, laser-stippled grip, two-tone highlights with its gold, flat-faced trigger and barrel with a titanium nitride finish, and a ported slide to show it off. The slide is also machined for mini red dot sights and comes from the factory with X-Ray 3 day and night sights.

The Spectre Comp uses an extended slide with an integral compensator. The barrel is actually 3.1 inches long, the same as a standard P365, stopping just short of the ports machined into the slide. The muzzle of the slide is relieved to clear the barrel while cycling.

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It’s a clever design that has clear advantages over conventional pistol compensators. Not only is the compensator fixed in place, but it can also be easily disassembled and reassembled without tools, or in the case of many compensators, solvents and thread lockers.

As part of the SIG Custom Works lineup, the P365XL Spectre Comp comes with a limited-edition case, with a challenge coin, certificate of authenticity and three 12-round flush-fitting magazines.

For more details and information about the new P365XL Spectre Comp, the P365 series and more, visit SIG Sauer today.

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  • KOldman February 4, 2022, 12:02 pm

    In San Fran and New York they waive the concealed carry ban as long as the gold matches your grille.

  • Matt Kase February 4, 2022, 9:31 am

    Can we please dispense with the gold accents on black carry pistols. This fad is becoming nauseatingly prolific. These things look like weapons some tinhorn middle eastern despot would own.

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