SnapSafe Two-Gun Keypad Vault

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SnapSafe Two-Gun Keypad Vault
SnapSafe is a Hornady Company

As a parent, we start to think about things differently when it comes to security. Yes, I’m gonna stay strapped in case I have to hand out a 10mm shampoo over my cubs. But in the home, I also realize the risk of one of the kids picking up my blaster is incredibly high. I have a personal story with this one. Years ago, one of my teammates lost a child to an improperly stored gun. I have never forgotten that, and cannot imagine a worse scenario as a parent. So especially as my kids have gotten older, I have been looking for a solution.

SnapSafe Two-Gun Keypad Vault
Emissary 1911 for size reference

Prior to now, I have been pretty confident by keeping my CCW gun high on a shelf, as well as keeping it in condition 3. But I have known that time would run out and that it wasn’t ideal to start with. My friend was actually keeping his gun on top of the refrigerator. Kids will always surprise you with how and when they can climb. As to condition 3, round not in the chamber? I am also reasonably sure that right now my children couldn’t rack the slide on an auto. But I wouldn’t bet their life on it.

I will also confess that SnapSafe straight up got my ass with advertising on this one. Their ad features not only a gun in the safe, but a pill bottle. Accidental poisonings happen every day, “childproof cap” or not. I hold this in the same regard as the slide racking. Maybe they can’t, but I don’t intend to find out.

SnapSafe Two-Gun Keypad Vault
Key backup

When I went looking for a small safe, I was very happy to see this new Two-Gun size available. This offers a very flexible solution, in my opinion. Like many of you, I have both a nightstand gun and a CCW gun. The CCW gun is small and handy to carry. The Night Stand gun has a flashlight as bright as the sun, and 15 rounds of Centimeter bullets loaded with hate and anger. Both do a job, and I like having both on hand. The two gun size lets me put my CCW gun away for the night, but readily access my dragon slayer if needed in the dark.

SnapSafe Two-Gun Keypad Vault
Plenty of space for 2 guns and prescriptions

What do I like about this particular model? First, SnapSafe is a Hornady Company. I inherently trust Hornady not only because they have never let me down, but because I have used SnapSafe products in the past. Hornady takes defense and firearms very seriously, and I fully see that reflected in anything else they own. I don’t have to worry about the lock mechanism breaking off in a pinch or the door jamming shut because it’s made of recycled beer cans.

SnapSafe Two-Gun Keypad Vault

Two, it has features that I haven’t seen elsewhere at the price point. The door is spring-loaded, and it flies open when you hit the code. A big deal when you need a blaster. It has a low battery alert, so your TBI doesn’t forget to swap the batteries out once in a while. It has a key backup, in case things get really spicy. And the number pad lights up, so you don’t keep entering the wrong code in the dark.

SnapSafe Two-Gun Keypad Vault
Idiot resistant directions

Three, ease of figuring out how it works. I literally figured out all the features with the camera rolling, which is not something I would guarantee with many products. SnapSafe really, really went out of their way to make this one idiot resistant. I am quite happy with how easy it is to use.

At $140.99 MSRP, I am very happy with my purchase. It does the job well of keeping the kids out of the blasters, and the honest people honest. Are the predrilled holes I used to mount it to a cabinet going to keep the Oceans 11 gang out of it? No. Nor is it going to God forbid survive a house fire. But that is okay, I have backups in the real safe that will do both. For a simple, economical, everyday solution, the Two-Gun Keypad Vault is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I am getting another one for my garage. This is one I can highly recommend.  

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