Striker-Fired Magic from Archon Firearms — SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show 2024

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During Industry Day at the Range at SHOT Show 2024, I had the opportunity to delve into the features of Archon Firearms’ second-generation striker-fired pistol.

Philip, from Archon Firearms, walked us through the features and specs of the handgun that they make in the Czech Republic and distribute through PTR for the U.S. market. He provides insights into the innovative design and functionalities of this handgun.

The focal point of the Archon Gen 2, Type B is the patented AF Speed Lock mechanism. It’s designed to keep the barrel from tilting during the cycle, ensuring only rearward and backward movements.

This results in minimal vertical travel, contributing to an impressively low bore axis. As a consequence, recoil management is easy, making it unique among other striker-fired pistols.

Shooting a suppressed handgun in the desert.
Shooting the Archon pistol at the range with PTR’s Vent 2 suppressor.

In the second generation, Archon Firearms introduces a patented modular grip system that adds a layer of versatility to the pistol. The grip is not an essential firearm part, allowing users to reconfigure the gun easily.

The extenders on the backstrap provide three grip sizes – compact, full-size, and sub-compact. Additionally, the grip tape, supplied by Talon Grips, allows users to customize the feel of the gun with soft, medium, or hard textures.

The PTR Archon grip in an exploded view of configurations.
The grip of the Archon is configurable to subcompact, compact, and full sized lengths.

The pistol comes with various options, including a threaded barrel and optic-ready cuts. The model showcased at the range featured an RMR cut, catering to those who prefer optics for their shooting experience. The serrated black rear and fiber optic front sights ensure quick and precise target acquisition.

shooting a suppressed handgun.
I shot the PTR Archon and the felt recoil was noticably less than in more common striker-fired platforms.

The pistol exhibits thoughtful design elements such as serrations on the slide to prevent debris from interfering with the optic window. The trigger, featuring an integrated safety, requires the trigger to be back for firing, reducing the risk of accidental discharges.

The trigger pull weight is set at 2.5 lbs, meeting the minimum requirement, and Archon Firearms also offers competition triggers for those desiring a shorter travel and lighter feel.

Philip confirmed that the pistol is already available through PTR Industries in the United States. The starting price is an MSRP of $960, with the showcased configuration being around the $1,000 mark.

This pricing makes it an attractive option for those seeking a feature-rich and competitively priced striker-fired pistol.

closeup of the PTR Archon
The Archon was one of my favorite new handguns shown at SHOT Show 2024.


  • DIMENSIONS: 7.7 × 1.1 × 5.2 in
  • CALIBER: 9x19mm
  • ACTION: Semi-automatic, striker fired pistol
  • LOCKING SYSTEM: AF‑Speedlock®
  • BARREL: 4.3″, 6 grooves, right-hand twist 1:10, 45° crown, Nitride finish
  • SIGHTS: Serrated rear with front fiber optic sight (Glock standard dovetail)
  • GRIP: Modular, black polymer, Talon grip rubber-black textured standard
  • TRIGGER: Tactile-short reset, trigger weight 4,5 lbs.
  • SAFETY: Trigger block, firing pin safety block, trigger bar
  • MAGWELL: Flared
  • MAGAZINE: 15 Round, 18 Round
  • WEIGHT UNLOADED: 1.85 lbs
  • FRAME: Steel Monocoque
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: 2 Magazines – 1X15 RDS & 1X18 RDS Magazines, 3 Black Straps, 2 Grip Extenders
  • MSRP: $960 – $999

As it becomes more widely available, the Archon Firearms Type B is poised to capture the interest of those looking for a reliable and adaptable striker-fired pistol.

Learn more about the Archon line of firearms by clicking HERE.

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