One Flat Shooter! The SIG Sauer P322-COMP — SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show 2024

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SIG Sauer recently introduced the P322-COMP, a fresh take on the .22 caliber pistol. Mike from SIG joined True to showcase this flat-shooting pistol, which has been on the market for about a month or so.

Designed with the range in mind, the P322-COMP brings a host of features aimed at enhancing the shooting experience.

P322-COMP Features at a Glance:

  • Two tone competition slide equipped with ROMEOZero ELITE and slide racker
  • Compensator-equipped barrel 
  • Sport takedown lever
  • Extended magazine catch
  • (1) 20-round and (1) 25-round magazine

Key among these is the barrel-mounted compensator, designed to reduce muzzle rise, making for a more stable shooting platform. The pistol also includes a slide-mounted racker, making it easier to manipulate the slide, a detail that Mike enthusiastically pointed out.

SIG has equipped the P322-COMP with a ROMEOZero ELITE red dot optic, ensuring fast and accurate target acquisition. The P322-COMP boasts an impressive capacity with one 20-round and one 25-round magazine included.

The P322-Comp.
This is one flat-shooting plinker. Great for extended range visits.

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This extended capacity is ideal for range sessions, allowing for more shooting and less reloading. Mike also highlighted the sport takedown lever and extended magazine catch, features that contribute to quicker operation and ease of use.

The removable baffle in the compensator, designed for easy cleaning, is another thoughtful addition to the P322-COMP.

As Mike concluded, the P322-COMP is a testament to SIG’s commitment to innovation and quality in the firearms market. The P322-COMP is available now, and for more information, interested buyers can visit SIG Sauer’s website.

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    2024 SHOT Show?…. Where was this at, I didn’t see Sig at the show and Sig is not on the directory.

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