Walther PPQ Match Conversion Kits Incoming, Coyote Tan Pistols Too

The conversion kit brings Q5 Match features to standard PPQ pistols. (Photo: Walther)

Walther Arms is now offering a long slide conversion kit for existing PPQ owners. The kit is based on the Q5 Match competition pistol and includes the slide, barrel and recoil spring assembly.

At the same time, Walther is announcing an updated version of the PPQ. The new PPQ is a two-tone model in Coyote Tan with black accents. Unlike the foliage and flat dark earth PPQ pistols the Coyote Tan model is finished top to bottom, including both the slide and the frame.

The PPQ is Walther’s flagship polymer-framed, striker-fired service pistol for military and law enforcement, self-defense and target shooting. The Q5 Match is their competition-specific model with added upgrades for matches.

The kit has all of the features of the Q5 Match (not including the race blue trigger shoe which is part of the frame). That includes the lightened slide to reduce recoiling mass and felt recoil, the full-size 5-inch barrel, the factory LPA sights and a slide cut for mini red dot sights.

The Q5 Match kit includes a fiber optic front sight and a fully adjustable rear sight mounted to the slide blank. The rear sight and blank can be easily removed and replaced with included adapter plates for popular red dot sight systems.

Like other Walther products the Q5 Match kit includes a barrel with polygonal rifling. This helps improve accuracy and velocity by reducing bullet deformation in the barrel and providing a tighter gas seal as well.

The Coyote Tan model differs from earlier PPQ models with a color-matched slide and frame. (Photo: Walther)

The Q5 Match kit is compatible with both PPQ M1 and M2 models including the new Coyote Tan PPQ. The Tan PPQ is an M2 model which means that it has a standard slide and barrel assembly but an “American-style” push-button magazine release frame.

The magazine release button is reversible and like the original M1 the M2 sports ambidextrous slide release levers to accommodate left-handed shooters. It is a limited edition and supplies won’t last forever.

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The suggested retail price for the new pistol is $699, a hair over base models but shy of the Q5 Match suggested price of $849. The Q5 Match kit is a whole lot less at $599.

It’s pretty common for Walther products to list for less than their suggested pricing, so real-world prices online and in-stores should be a good deal better.

Walther isn’t the only company getting on the long slide kit action. Recently Heckler & Koch announced a similar, competition-ready long slide kit for their newest service pistol, the VP9. On paper the VP9 long slide kit is less expensive at $449, but it is not optics-ready and does not have a slide machined for red dot sights.

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    i think a single shot will do lighter faster less ecspensive 12–20 ga. but these doubles look great and are beautiful

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