Walther Q4 SF (Steel Frame) – SHOT Show 2020

Walther’s Q4 is now available with a steel frame and an optics-ready option.

Walther recently released a steel-framed version of their PPQ, and this year they’ve added a steel-framed version of the popular Q4. True Pearce got his hands on the new Q4 SF and spoke with Walther about its features at the range during SHOT Show 2020.

The Q4 steel frame has a 4″ barrel with an overall length of 7.4″ making it fairly large 9mm carry gun, but one that shoots very well. The weight of the frame is distributed to reduce felt recoil and help keep the gun on target.

The grip texture is aggressive but not abrasive, and the grip itself is ergonomic.

Walther is known for good grips, and the Q4 SF fills the hand and has an aggressive texture. It’s comprised of little tetrahedrons that leave room for sweat in the negative space so your skin gets a solid purchase, but it’s not rough and abrasive. They say it’s less likely to wear on your clothes when carrying.

Trigger safety, 1913 Picatinny rail, and ambidextrous controls.

The frame and slide are all machined, not cast. The slide catch and takedown pin are low profile. The slide catch is ambidextrous, mounted on both sides, while the magazine release can be positioned on either side. The slide is serrated front and back, and it comes standard with 15-round magazines, but 17-round mags are available.

The top of the slide is serrated and this Optics-Ready version has fully adjustable rear sights and an optics plate.

The sights are serrated and the rear is blacked out. There’s an optics ready version that comes with an optics plate and its rear sight is fully adjustable.

Note the tetrahedron-shaped grip texture. This is the Optics Ready version (OR).

Walther’s new Q4 SF 9mm will be shipping in February 2020. The MSRP for the standard version is $1,299 while the optics-ready option is $100 more.

It comes with a 15-round magazine, but 17-round mags are available.


MSRP Q4 SF$1,299
MSRP Q4 SF OR (Optics Ready)$1,399

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  • K.E. Bernstein March 2, 2020, 4:47 pm

    Stiff price for a 9mm but I’ve found all my Walther purchases have spoiled me.
    Crazy weard “euro” designs that feel so good and are incredibly accurate…
    Just sayin’…

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