Walther’s Stretching Out the Possibilities of the PPQ M2 with a Longer Barrel—SHOT Show 2014

Walther’s Stretching Out the Possibilities of the PPQ M2 with a Longer Barrel—SHOT Show 2014Walther Arms

If you haven’t ever picked up a Walther PPQ M2, you need to. The compact pistol fits in the hand like few other stock pistols model on the market. While it isn’t much to look at, the PPQ defines utilitarian ergonomics. From the aggressive serrations on the slide to the exaggerated curves of the grip, the new PPQs come with the fit and functionality you would expect from a highly modified GLOCK. And now the M2 line is getting a longer barrel for even better accuracy.

When I first shot the PPQ M2, my expectations were not terribly high. I’m a dedicated Walther fan, but I prefer the PPK to the PPQ. Or I did until I shot it. Accuracy was fantastic with the gun, and the negligible muzzle rise made for fast split times. Under seven yards, the PPQ was incredibly effective. It points almost as well as it aims, and the gun quickly became one of my favorites for concealed carry.

walther05What if you want the same sort of performance, but with a more competitive sporting edge? How about a longer barrel and a ported slide? While the PPQ M2 seemed to have its sights firmly set on those in the market for compact 9mm, the new version seems more appropriate for competition. The ports on the barrel give it a sportier look, too. How does it perform? Too early to tell. We shot it at the range at the SHOT Show, but we didn’t get to do any holster work or practical drills. The standard PPQ M2s have been selling in the high $500s. The new version shouldn’t be much more. A combination of the two models will be available with a compact frame and a longer, threaded barrel. We’ll have one in for review, soon, and get the low-down.walther02walther03walther01

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  • Doc January 31, 2014, 3:13 pm

    I LOVE Walther P99 and P99c’s. I have used several and run thousands of ammunition through them. Although I prefer a 1911 A1 for competition, the P99 is the best all around pistol I’ve ever used. I love the striker and the fact you can carry it with a round in the chamber, de-cocked, and pull it out of the holster and easily bump cock as you are bringing it up.

    This looks too bulky, I don’t like to carry around a pistol with a any longer than necessary barrel (I’ve used a Glock with a long barrel, ugh–but that’s my feeling, generally, about Glock.), so I’d have to go with the short barrel. Which means it isn’t any more useful with a P99 with paddle mag releases…

    I guess I just like Walther P99 & P99c’s

  • romes January 27, 2014, 8:40 pm

    “A combination of the two models will be available with a compact frame and a longer, threaded barrel.”
    This statement is confusing. Is the polymer frame of the competition model different from than of the standard PPQ M2? Is Walther coming out with a PPQ M2 compact similar to the P99c? Or is the author referencing the PPQ M2 Navy models?

  • petru Sova January 27, 2014, 3:07 pm

    Although I seldom praise plasticky trash pistols I will say this much about Walther, compare their prices to the rip of prices of HK plasticky pistols, and HK pistols don’t even last. There was a picture of a .40 HK gun that split its cheap plasticky frame right behind the trigger guard on the Sig Forum. Also the more expensive (twice the money HK gun) is not as accurate (P30) nor is the trigger pull as good in double action or single action either as the Walther is.

    I will admit this is basically a Walther that copied Glock but unlike the Glock the Walther is more accurate by far. I have both. If you want a plasticky pistol to carry you will not feel bad if it gets scuffed up and there is spare parts available and it is light in weight and the frame of course will not rust. So despite the fact that it is basically a modern made junk pistol it does have a use and that is for an every day carry gun. Just don’t shoot it much or it will probably flex its plasticky frame once to many times and split like the HK plasticky pistol did in .40 caliber, too much recoil for a junk plastic framed gun.

  • Hammered01 January 27, 2014, 12:55 pm

    Yeah right. It’s a shame that Walther seems to have abandoned their quality of the ’30’s and 40’s. I would not trade my P38 BYF 44 for ten new Walthers!

  • Russ January 27, 2014, 12:23 pm

    What’s it going to take to get the paddle style mag release that was one of the reasons I bought a PPQ?
    Feels better and works better.
    Why did Walthers cave into the old fashioned mag button release request?
    They were cutting edge, and can’t they make both?
    As soon as I see a 9mm Q with the paddle, I’m getting it.
    I never see them anymore and just wish I would have got one when I bought my .40 Q.
    Please offer more variety Walther.

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