Isobrite Watches – The Brightest Tritium on the Market – SHOT Show 2017

Check out the Armourlite website to learn more.


Isobrite watches are another SHOT Show item that I don’t have to ask about, as I have been wearing one for six months.

Part of what sold me on this watch is that it’s not a monstrosity-looking eyesore sporting a stupid trident emblem or Top Gun logo or whatever graphic the mall ninjas are wearing these days.  Aesthetically speaking, it’s just a beautiful watch.

But looks aren’t the only alluring aspect of this watch.  In terms of toughness, it’s hard as a coffin nail thanks to a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. It’s the same tough crystal found in high-end watches.

I never take mine off and it doesn’t have a scratch on it. Pretty bold statement, especially with me as the test monkey.

Clay’s Isobrite watch.

You can get one in an array of different colors.

When it comes to functionality, the watch does what it is supposed to: it tells time — consistently and reliably. It’s also dive-rated. And it features the brightest tritium on the market, which is very useful when you are part hypoxic on the ocean floor, 100 ft. below the surface.

My favorite part about the watch is that it doesn’t look overly tactical.  Now, they do have the coyote tan special for those looking to keep their tactical appearance up.  But I prefer the styles that are suitable for all occasions: church, gun range, a night with the wife at Olive Garden.  You know, a gentleman’s wristwatch.

My Isobrite has a bright blue face.  It’s also available in orange.  This is a watch you have to see to believe.  It is the most comfortable watch I have ever owned.

Coyote tan is an option.

The tritium is nice and bright.  Four times brighter than the competition.

Price and Availability

Isobrite watched are made under the Armourlite brand.  Depending on the series and style of watch you choose, pricing begins around $499.  Check out the Armourlite website to learn more.

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  • bill March 6, 2017, 4:25 am

    Yeah, but do you make gun sights? Don’t think I’d want mine quite this bright, but a happy medium between existing produts (sights) and your watch.

  • BRASS February 24, 2017, 1:31 pm

    While I appreciate the brightness, I still wish watch designers, sellers and manufacturers would make a watch for people that actually use them and that can actually be helpful in dire circumstances.
    I want a watch that:
    1. Has numbers instead of lines or marks that won’t be confusing when in an accident and dazed or in an emergency under stressful conditions and environment. One that can be read upside down in the dark after a bump on the head, etc. Lines are easily confused, despite a double mark at twelve o’clock when things go bump in the night and on the head.
    2. Does not have unnecessary looks cool but has little to no practice purpose stuff like a divers bezel which the average wearer doesn’t even know what it is for let alone how to actually use it. We don’t need aviators chronographs we can see, have no practical use for, don’t know how to use without a course. Most of us are not racing pilots, CIA U2 spies or astronauts.
    I can appreciate a simple rugged clearly marked watch that as I said I can read upside down in the dark under life or death circumstances like a an accident, a home invasion, lost away from an inhabited area. Knowing the time of day, date, even the day, temperature, direction I’m facing (compass) or even altitude is useful. Fancy colors, added complexity and likelihood of failure it brings from non-practical functions or appearance only stuff is wasting my money and I won’t buy it.

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