Armed Phoenix Man Thwarts Public Shooting

National Concealed Carry Reciprocity.
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On Saturday, Feb. 11, a man entered a Phoenix restaurant and fired several rounds before being shot by one of the restaurant’s patrons.

According to the Arizona Republic, 26-year-old Oscar Luna entered the restaurant at night with a gun and fired a number of rounds inside the building.

Sgt. Bower of the Phoenix Police told the publication that a man was inside the restaurant and shot Luna, ending the confrontation. Luna was taken to a local hospital before succumbing to his injuries.

The good samaritan who ended the conflict was detained and questioned by the police. He claimed self-defense with many witnesses corroborating his statement.

This restaurant is lucky to have had a firearm-carrying customer that could defend himself and the other customers.

Additionally, with Arizona’s 2A-friendly “Constitutional Carry” laws, the man was able to exercise his 2A rights which enabled him to take decisive action.

Open 2A Laws

In the grand scheme of things, this is a prime example of why pro-2A laws are a necessity in our country.

After a number of tragic shootings last month, we can only sit back and wonder how the outcomes may have changed if state carry laws were more permissive.

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Unfortunately, gun-control advocates continually seek to tighten their grasp on law-abiding citizens, calling for expanded “safe spaces” and “gun-free” zones.

This includes restaurants and other public locations. A certain Phoenix restaurant was safer Saturday night because gun grabbers haven’t been able to defile Arizona.

News Coverage

Looking at the news, it’s not surprising that this story hasn’t seen much attention. Had Luna been successful there is no doubt that this event would have made national headlines. Since it was stopped almost immediately, it has received very little screen time.

Most of the headlines reporting on the incident fail to report it as a defensive gun use. Reports focus more on Luna’s act of shooting in public.

The law-abiding citizen was not arrested, and the investigation is still underway.

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About the author: P. H. Everett grew up in a small town in southeastern Idaho. He spent his free time exploring and developing an affection for the outdoors. While attending college he worked at a local sporting goods store. Here, he fostered his passion not only for the outdoors and hunting but also for firearms, reloading, and shooting. He takes every opportunity to get in the mountains and his love for everything firearms and outdoors continues to grow.

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  • Daniel February 27, 2023, 1:57 pm

    How about promoting sane laws that address gun ownership by those who want to harm others? Suggesting the answer to gun crime is simply more guns with no training or increased scrutiny of gun ownership is a recipe for disaster as is playing out every day.

    • Hondo March 1, 2023, 5:57 am

      I does one get this dumb? Typical lib talking out his ass.

  • JoeUSooner February 27, 2023, 11:51 am

    Exactly WHICH of the proposed laws to “expanded ‘safe spaces’ and ‘gun-free’ zones” do these cuckoo-clock gun-control advocates truly – truly – expect criminals [by definition, those who break – not obey, break! – laws for a living] will suddenly, magically decide to obey???

  • M.A. Martinez February 27, 2023, 7:55 am

    One thing, above all, worries me about our citizenry — they’re either too stupid or too self-centered to realize that they’re being manipulated by media. Internet, newspapers, radio, television — every day I take in bits of stories that pass themselves off as “journalism” when, in fact, they are pure propaganda. Facts are missing; opinions (generally anti-2nd amendment) are pushed forward; perspectives, in the tone of the stories, are skewed, and far from objective. I see this in ALL the news, even stories that have nothing to do with weapons or violence. They have two themes: (a) a political “hook” of dubious practical relevance, and (b) a strong effort to ignore or avoid assigning responsibility to an individual. For instance, a story about a child bringing a gun to school is news, but initially none of “journalists” covering the story bothered to ask why and HOW did a child obtain a gun? The fact that the CDC is no longer maintaining official statistics re: gun violence is very disturbing, as it will allow propaganda more leeway, completely unhindered with easily obtainable FACTS, via mass media.

  • Liberalism Sucks February 26, 2023, 8:57 am

    Funny how this didn’t get much national news coverage, but mass shootings where the bad guy WASN’T stopped by a good guy with a gun get played for weeks. They’re pushing an agenda folks, and it isn’t intended for the good of the USA…

  • Brian February 24, 2023, 6:27 pm

    As much as I don’t like the NRA right now, (I left years ago) 1 thing they did do which I liked was publish the “Armed Citizen” in their magazines. This story, and the one above about the Texas mall, are what that column is all about. Every pro 2A organization should publish these kinds of stories to prove that the gun grabbers are wrong. This good samaritan, as was the one at the Texas mall, were the REAL 1st responders and stopped the offenders before the police even knew about the incident let alone arrived to save the day.

  • Dwanr February 24, 2023, 5:00 pm

    Whoa! Its the “wild,wild” west! So says gun denying activists. This greator question is why no lawsuits by those patrons denied their armed rights in those “gun free zones” set up by legislators. Last I saw was 95% of mass murders are in “gun ferr zones”.

    • JoeUSooner February 27, 2023, 11:55 am

      Now (per the DOJ’s Information Bureau), just over 96% of mass murders are committed in “gun-free zones.”

  • kent February 24, 2023, 2:28 pm

    but scum antigun lawyers will file meritless lawsuits in civil court to financially ruin the citizen with attorney fees to scare off others from trying to defend themselves.

  • Darth Kur February 24, 2023, 8:20 am

    In places where the Second Amendment is adhered to this scenario will be the normal conclusion of criminal attempts. It’s simple, the 2A empowers the citizenry, it’s opposition aids the criminal.

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