Angry Bearded Man to Terrorists: ‘You Haven’t Met America’

The angry bearded man in the video isn’t just any old angry bearded man, that’s Charlie Daniels! And his message to terrorists is pretty darn clear. You haven’t met America!

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Doug Roy April 17, 2016, 8:37 pm

    Here in the great gun state of Georgia if terrorists come here we will be ready and every time obama opens his mouth on gun control we just go and buy more guns.Thank you, obama.

  • Zach March 25, 2016, 12:09 pm

    Charlie didn’t mention the fact that the 58 ammo manufacturers working 24/7 couldn’t keep up with the American demand for the last 61/2 years.That’s a whole lot of ammo being stockpiled.

  • Dead-Eye March 25, 2016, 3:50 am

    Sadly, that nsa report was in error. Roosevelt knew quite a bit about Japan preparing to attack, knew we would be pulled into the war sooner or later. What happened, where it all went sideways was that he hoped it would be later, and his specialists severely misjudged the Japanese navy’s capabilities because we felt that Pearl harbor was almost torpedo-proof. Japan modified their torpedoes to work in the shallow waters of Pearl Harbor, and brought a crushing force much closer than anybody thought possible, and did so without detection.
    The United States opposed the death camps and everything about the Japanese occupation of China, and ceased selling oil to Japan in/about March of 1941 to emphasize our position. Japan took that statement and the stern face we were putting on our communications with them to mean that we intended to enter the war against them (in truth, we had weighed that option, and as destitute as we were from the Great Depression, we didn’t wish to attack them or enter the war), and decided to try and cripple our Pacific forces before we could create another front against them and cut them off from the oil they were then obtaining from Indo-China, Malaysia, and on down through Australia. Without oil from us, they HAD to have that to maintain their ability to make war, and they were convinced that we intended to enter the war and cut them off, so they planned and prosecuted the attack on Pearl Harbor.
    Many, many people were pointing at the Japanese and saying that we should watch them, but the fools in Washington kept saying “But they’re our FRIENDS”!! Right up to the day when they killed thousands of us.
    For some reason, Americans seem destined to repeat mistakes, to leave themselves open to attacks from organizations and countries that place a much lower value on human lives, both their own and ours – ESPECIALLY ours. All we ask our government is to have the right all Americans have always had to protect ourselves should the unthinkable happen, but the fools in Washington act like the unthinkable can’t happen, act like the unthinkable hasn’t already happened once before, when we were attacked by a country that was our FRIEND. If a FRIEND can do it, an ENEMY can certainly find a way. If they do, our first line of defense will almost certainly not be our military; it’ll be the people who stand up for our country, wade into the fray, and hold the line until our uniformed forces can mobilize and fortify our lines. Here’s hoping that, when that times comes, we don’t have to do it with knives and bows and arrows.

    • Aaron March 25, 2016, 9:54 am

      The geopolitical issue is civilians won’t accept the true definition of war. Politicians, uniformed personnel of the armed forces & those in intelligence know it is actually a constant.

      Every economic decision that imparts a negative impact on a non American entity is war. An oil embargo, especially on an island nation, is a strong act of kinetic war. I’m proud America struck first against Japan.

      But I have no love for the decisions that sent Jewish children to be slaughtered by the Germans, to whom Americans saw as a profit center while they conducted war against our interests. The whole thing was unnecessary due to the insane decisions the British & French committed (acts of war) against the broken German war machine after ww1. Oddly enough, those same war mongers created Kuwait out of Iraq. Iraq had one deep water port, while Kuwait enjoyed FOUR. More kinetic war followed…

      This is why I struggle against isolationist tendencies. Ron Paul’s cool logic of disengagement sounds nice. But we were disengaged in the 1770s & 1780s and Islam still declared war on us. No Israel to focus their hatred on, either…yet they went to war on us for not being Islamic and submitting.

      This is why I support decisions like fdr’s oil blockade. It is kinetic action with the ability to be painted off as nothing to the dumbed down American population. We need actions that incite a Pearl Harbor or we’ll suffer these minor attacks.

      They stuck Texas and were put down immediately. They stuck San Bernardino and it took a few hours. They’ll keep coming because they welcome death. Our forward deployed Americans (Arizona, Vermont, Alaska, Kansas, soon to be Idaho & West Virgina) can put down the attacks.

      Stay calm, stay trained.

  • Aaron March 23, 2016, 6:15 pm

    He’s a great man. Love his work.

    I think a lot of people dislike our president for the wrong reasons. I’ve read the report the nsa put out suggesting Roosevelt didn’t allow Pearl Harbor to happen. That it was unfortunate happenstance all the information was known by the right people to prevent the huge loss of life.

    Despite the death camps, the attacks on our allies and the responsibility our country has due to the sheer power it obtains from us citizens – America sat back and sold to both sides for as long as it could. Until Pearl Harbor.

    So give Obama credit. As he releases gitmo terrorists, lies about it, breaks law to do it he eventually has the courage to admit they go right back to killing Americans. And that’s the point of a weak leader. In my heart I don’t want another “weak” leader.

    But the Japanese high command thought they’d punch Roosevelt and walk away. They were right except for the American people demanding action.

    Obama is doing more to facilitate the American people demand action than Roosevelt could have dreamt of. As the cities (anti 2nd amendment zones with secessionist governments) are attacked, the American people will go insane. States like Kansas and Arizona, Vermont and Alaska will be spared. Americans won’t be harmed, just those living in secessionist cities like new York, LA and DC. But the rest of us will overlook their desire to secede and bring ourselves to arms against this global threat.

    Thanks, Obama.

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