Cox at RNC: Only Way to Save 2A is to Vote Trump

Chris Cox at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

NRA-ILA Exec. Director Chris Cox at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

In a very brief but effective speech at the Republican National Convention this week, NRA-ILA Exec. Director Chris Cox laid out the case for voting against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, and by a seeming process of elimination, voting for Donald Trump.

“In case you’re wondering where Hillary Clinton stands, she said, quote, ‘the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment,’” said Cox.

“Think about that. All the Supreme Court said was that you have the right to protect your life in your own home, but Hillary says they’re wrong,” Cox continued. “It’s that simple—a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court means your right to own a firearm is gone.”

As we’ve noted in previous GunsAmerica articles, the next president will appoint certainly one, maybe two or three Supreme Court justices to the bench. Putting even one anti-gun justice on the bench would be devastating for gun ownership in America, let alone two or three.

“Make no mistake: this election is not about the next four years, it’s about the next 40 years,” noted Cox. “So voting for Hillary Clinton—or not voting—is simply not an option.”

Cox went on to attack the conventional wisdom that along gender lines Hillary Clinton has the female vote all locked up.

“But here’s Hillary’s problem. American women are the fastest-growing group of gun owners. Millions own firearms,” said Cox. “Millions, and millions more are thinking about it. It’s not Hillary Clinton who says women should have that choice. It’s Donald Trump.”

It’s true, if more and more women are thinking seriously about their right to keep and bear arms, then they must recognize how a vote for Hillary would gravely endanger their ability to exercise that right.

So, with Hillary Clinton posing an existential threat to the Second Amendment there really is only one option, Donald Trump.

“Friends, the 5 million men and women of the National Rifle Association will fight without apology for your right to protect your life. But we are on the cusp of losing this great American freedom and, with it, this
great nation,” explained Cox.

“The only way we save it—the only way we save it—is by electing Donald Trump the next president of the United States,” said Cox.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Patriot July 22, 2016, 3:04 pm

    NRA President Chris Cox is absolutely correct in his statement describing Hillary. Like Obama, Hillary and husband Billy will make every effort to take guns from the honest, old and disabled American people. Her mentality is that this will make America better. It would be deplorable for the United States if Hillary could appoint U.S. Supreme Court justices that would destroy the Second Amendment with help from Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Jerry Brown, Bloomberg, etc. and other gun control liberal fool politicians.

  • Michael Smith July 22, 2016, 3:02 pm

    Why would anyone in their right mind want to have confirmed liar Hillary as president and to prolong the Obummer agenda? Do you hate this country that much to vote for her? Or to not vote is to vote for her also.
    You say bullshit! Have you not been keeping up in the news about other demorats passing laws to infringe on those rules and having Liberal judges give them a pass! You are the moron if you believe there is no danger to the 2A!

  • GRAYWOLF July 22, 2016, 2:32 pm

    What a moron…”to protect the Second Amendment, we must elect a candidate that is opposed to the commoners exercising the Second Amendment!”

  • g July 22, 2016, 9:12 am

    ” Hillary wants you to live in fear for having no guns. And you know why? Because in this way terrorism can take over your country, so that Hillary will have the opportunity to declare martial law and suddenly you have a military dictatorship with Hillary as your leader! I ”

    You are fucking nuts. You know that, right? And a moron. You are a M-O-R-O-N.

    American’s gun rights are WAY WAY WAY more solidly protected now than they ever have been in the entire history of our country. And we NEVER have not had the right to own and use our guns.

    So fuck you, and fuck Cox of the NRA with his voting recommendations based on complete bullshit. The Democrats CAN NOT take away your gun rights. Repeat it until you believe it. Because it is true.

    Vote for whomever you want, but at least vote in an informed way – not based on bullshit.

    • Kane July 22, 2016, 10:15 am

      One of the most vulgar and worthless rants on GA.

    • Larry Dermody July 22, 2016, 10:33 am

      Neither Trump nor Clinton, no matter who wins, the POTUS does not have the power to do what this idiot Cox claims. Pay attention to Congress! Therein lies the strength to maintain or damage people’s rights. That has always been the case and remains so. There are other issues that need to be addressed when voting and those should be the focus of the American people.

    • Christian July 22, 2016, 3:08 pm

      g, as much as I would like to discuss the topic, I won’t do so with people that misuse this forum for spilling nothing more than insults, f-words and whatever evil it is, instead of trying to proof with facts that Mr. Cox is wrong in what he sais or that I am wrong with what I’ve just written. Sorry, but as soon as words like these are flying out of a humans mouth (or through their fingers onto their keyboards), their brains just stop working and I don’t want to talk or write with people like that.

  • WilLB July 22, 2016, 8:56 am

    Based on the most recent Supreme Court decision affirming the fact that the 2nd Amendment guarantees “an individual’s” right to own guns, the 2nd Amendment now is stronger than it has ever been in in 200+ years. . Certainly much stronger today than when the Supreme Court declared that the 2nd Amendment did NOT give an individual a right to gun ownership (20? or so years ago). Gun Owners won this reversal, the NRA merely pointed out the trend to the Court. Gun Owners in the US are increasing every day, 28 million new background checks so far this year alone.

  • Christian July 20, 2016, 5:09 pm

    Anyone interested into a German opinion about this matter? I would like to give one to you, after having watched this video. The first comment I’ve made on this website was also in an article about Mr. Cox, where he was talking to the members of the NRA, one or two months ago. This man really encourages me to write again. He is an awesome speaker although this speech is a little short and if I would have been him I would have said much more in a more aggressive manner. But he is in the focus of media so of course he has to be a calm man when doing his speeches. I could not because when I just think about Hillary I have to puke. But I want to try to use the freedom of speech (the general one that should be valid worldwide) and try to post my own thoughts about Hillary here now as this blog entry seems to be not very tight about one topic but covers a good view about the overall situation. I hope I won’t get too aggressive so that the administrator doesn’t have to block my post.

    At first I want to ask you a question: Does anyone of you know Deidranna, the evil woman from the video game Jagged Alliance 2 (published in 1999)? If not, just search for her in the net. Your maybe next president (hopefully not) Hillary reminds me a lot about Deidranna. Kind of the same hairstyle, evil thoughts and manner as well as the hunger for ultimate power plus evolving when doing a speech to her followers that have to be there to give her applause. Everybody who does not come will be captured and imprisoned by her badass soldiers that give nothing about a human life, as well as she doesn’t. I know it sounds kind of evil science-fiction but this is the truth that might come if Hillary should make it for president. I mean if she says that your supreme court is wrong about his decision in the 2nd amendment, then you can guess what kind of Imperium Hillary wants to build. In a real democracy there are different stages that check on each other to make sure no one can rule the country alone. But I do believe this is what Hillary wants to do.

    Guys, I really do not want to sound like I would be against women but I tell you I live in a country that has been dictated (!) by one woman since 2005 and guys, this is the most horrible mess you can live in. Not that a man like Mr. “Yes we can” would be much better but I personally only have bad experiences with a woman having all the power herself. Hillary is the death of your nation and I tell you why:

    So, you also seem to have a problem with illegal immigrants and of course the government forbids you the freedom of speech to rightfully tell everyone the huge problems these people bring. Not all of them but many, especially the men. Yes, in this case it is mostly the men. Many of them don’t come because they seek for a better life but they come to rape, steal, kill and just burn everything down YOU guys have built up! And if the police catch one of them they let him always go or the judges give them just a small warning with a raised finger and then let them go again. They laugh at your law system as well as they laugh about ours. And why? Because these so called “liberals” think they have to protect them just because they are a minority. Funny, what about the majority that keeps this nation desperately together? You know, in Sweden many feminists were doing hate speeches against the white men, the ones that give them shelter, the ones that feed them etc. Now all the illegal immigrants take over and rape these feminist women and suddenly they see that the white heterosexual man is not the evil guy although they were always believing this “leftist” crap. I put those “” here because to me Hillary and all the others are not leftists in my eyes.

    Guys, vote for Hillary in November and you can just take your guns and shoot yourself in the head because this is what you would do if you vote for her: You would just commit your legal suicide. And you can shoot your wives/husbands and children as well and burn down the original papers the constitution was written on if you give Hillary your vote.

    I will never forget how her ex-husband (not sure if he is her ex because Hillary always refers to him as “my husband”) tried to get his hands on guns after Columbine. I am very interested into Columbine myself, reading the killers diaries, watching documentations on Youtube and even read the book of Dylan’s mother as well as the book about one of the victims, Cassie. Cassie’s story has such a big hold on me and she would even be the best example that we in fact need guns to fight of evil. Mr. Trump should seriously try to think about taking her story into account on his fight for voters. Cassie has been shot in the head by Eric Harris BUT the tip of her right little finger has been shot away as well. It has been proven by the police investigation that, when the muzzle of the shotgun touched the right side of her head, she even tried to fight by shoving the shotgun away from her head when she felt that Eric’s shotgun was pointed at her! She didn’t even look into his eyes but knew what she had to do: Fighting for survival. Sure, she had no chance but she had the guts to do something while, at the same time, praying to God. I never heard such a story about one of the other Columbine victims. By the way, that is why she is indeed a martyr to me because she died at least while praying to God and fighting for her life. But now imagine what Cassie could have done if she would have had a gun. Okay, she was still a minor with 17 years but I do believe Eric and Dylan would have never made it this far if at least the teachers would have had guns. Same goes for all the other school shootings that happened and WILL happen when Hillary gets voted because the bad guys with guns then can finally take over completely!

    And now Hillary wants to even take away your right to defend your home. I would love to have some real gun at my home, like many of you guys actually do. All I have are some trusty combat knifes but in Germany it is even illegal to carry them concealed around. I of course do, together with a pair of small knifes, because if you are out in Berlin during the night you do not want to be without something. We don’t have any police around most of the time because our liberal parties want to “save money” so they allow criminals to get in, let go of the few they captured because they have Angie’s “migration bonus”, forbid us to have guns ourselves and weaken the police. Thanks Angela for bringing death to all of us! I always show her my middle finger and walk around with some good concealed knifes because I don’t want to be a victim. I don’t think that I stand much of a chance myself but as a believer into God I want to die in a real fight for my life like a martyr and not like all the poor victims of Columbine or wherever, hiding under the tables waiting for death. They couldn’t count on police that day either because the first officers went in when Eric and Dylan were already dead. So you better have some guns with you and don’t count on the law, just my opinion of course.

    I guess, according to Hillary, if a school shooting happens we should behave like it is written down on, a website about quite everything, even about of how to “survive” in a school shooting. They write of attacking the shooter with scissors and other office tools and you shall try to hit them with these in the limbs etc. Do they seriously believe what they write? Did this EVER happen in human history during a school shooting? These tips must be for the mentally retarded but not for somebody with a right mind! Attacking an armed suicidal-homicidal badass with a scissor or stapler…. But this is the only thing you could do, if Hillary gets her butt onto the presidential chair. Chance of survival: 0

    Guys, again I do seriously believe that the situation will be so much worse if Hillary becomes your new president. It will be as worse as the situation here in Europe. Do you want to send your children to school, not knowing if they will come back today? According to Hillary you shall. I am 26 and I was single all my life but I told God that if I shall ever have a child it hopefully will be a girl and I will give her the name Cassie, in remembrance and honor of the very original. And I want to be a good father. A father that is able to defend his family. But this will never happen in Germany, so I hope one day I have the chance to get the Hell out of here. Where to? I don’t care, just get out of this mess. And hopefully it will be a place where either the country is strict enough to provide safety to the people or at least allows its people to have guns. I’m not sure if such a place outside of the USA exists but before I found, I was thinking that you guys can carry everything around there with no reason to conceal etc. God, was I uninformed! And now your freedom is finally on the bloody line. In November it is all or nothing for you guys. Be proud of still having some hope. In Germany we have the AFD but will they be strong enough in 2017? I will vote for them for sure but I still got my doubts that they will make it big but they have to, otherwise it is over for us here. But in Germany we are already so tired that we say “If votes would change something, they would be forbidden.” If we would have just guns to defend ourselves, no criminal would try to mess with us, but no, we are nothing more than prey in our own country! And you guys might soon become too and believe me, it is lightyears away from being funny or enjoyable!

    The funny thing about people like Hillary is the fact that they produce such a mess but at the same time they live far away from the problems they have created, always behind safe walls with dozens of armed (!) guards hanging around, just like Mr. Cox mentioned in his speech. If she wants to take your gun rights away, then why the Hell she still allows to have men with guns around herself to protect her? You know how I call these people? Pharisees and hypocrites! They always tell us that the bad things are good but they would never allow themselves to actually live with the brutal truth we people have to endure every goddamn day of our lives! And at the same time they do live in their own worlds far away from all of these problems and believe that the world is the best place, especially with their sick political decisions they make. It makes me sick, it makes me angry but I know from myself that anger makes someone very strong, just make sure you control it for good and use it positively in your fight against those “liberal” liars. Again, to call yourself liberal is to fight for freedom. Hillary fights for a dictatorship and I am not even shy to say that everyone that is voting her in November must have smoked a lot of crack. Is Mr. Trump the perfect American president? As an outsider I really do not know but if it comes about the 2nd amendment and your freedom to have guns he IS the only option you have. I hate all those anti-gunners for their stupid lies. I mean, you have the freedom to have a gun, it is NOT an order that you have to have a gun! If you are anti-gun and don’t want to have a gun, fine do whatever you want but keep the gun owners enjoying their constitutional freedom just as they allow you as well!

    All the problems in the western world, all the years of abuse we had to endure are, in my personal opinion, all coming from the failure those so called “liberals” have produced. Personally I do not consider myself to be a right-wing guy but I know that you in fact need to have a good basis in your life you can rely on, might it be family, religion or a safe home. But the “liberals” with all their “Minority is good and majority is bad” crap, as well as their political mess they only create, make me freak out! Why don’t we just cut all this minority and majority crap but all live together in peace, no matter if majority or minority, and make sure that illegal immigrants will be thrown out immediately, enough jobs with a good income provide a good life, guns that safe us from criminals and the safety of the nation’s people come first? Again, I do not see myself as a right-wing guy but I have a brain that tells me who is better in this case and who is not. I had to live long enough in my country to see this mess these so called “leftists” and “liberals” have created. Be proud guys, that you in fact have a strong right-wing movement in America. I just wait for the day they build new concentration camps in Germany, or even in whole Europe, and gas everyone to death that does not hail three times a day to all this “leftist” and “liberal” shit we are walking in. Support your right-wing movement now at all cost because Hillary would try to destroy the NRA. I mean if she says the supreme court is wrong then what will she do? Shoot pro 2nd amendment supreme court members and replace them with members that only support her sick views? Is it so hard to understand the part “shall not be infringed”? Many of the users on this website were proud to answer my questions I had when I was writing about the usage of “shall” in a news about the Hawaiian governor infringing your right. You guys are doing great and the whole community is awesome, besides a few knuckleheads so far, which of course you can meet everywhere but on this website they are luckily not even 0.1%.

    And this again shows me that most people with guns are good and only want to have some tools to defend themselves, as criminals don’t care if having a gun is legal or not. But Hillary wants you to live in fear for having no guns. And you know why? Because in this way terrorism can take over your country, so that Hillary will have the opportunity to declare martial law and suddenly you have a military dictatorship with Hillary as your leader! I remember when I came home from school on 11th September 2002, one year after 9/11, and I saw on CNN that suddenly so many military forces were out there in New York. This was not for safety, they just wanted to show you guys how fast they can come out of their bases to your streets and declare martial law. The western world turns into a dictatorship if you don’t bust Hillary up in November! Europe may already be lost but you guys still CAN do something.

    Okay, I think I should finally come to an end here. I, as a German, hate Hillary so much because I just know she will be as worse to the USA as Angela Merkel is for my country. If Merkel survives the German votes in 2017 and Hillary shall become your president, then I guess both will become best friends (they are both women so it’s just natural for them) and both our countries will end up in the most horrible “liberal” and “leftist” mess you can think of. Call me crazy if you want, but to me this would be the final end of the world as we knew it, if Hillary will become your president, as America has and always had a strong political and economic influence to the rest of the world. So please vote for the republicans this November guys, in this way you would help many other countries like mine at least a bit too!

    Thanks for allowing me to write all this down and please excuse me for the length of the post as well as for any spelling or comma usage mistakes I should have made.

    • Michael Hensley July 22, 2016, 4:04 am

      Bravo, I have been using the same analogy about your PM as you do as well as a couple of others over the years, Brits old PM Thatcher and this new one may be just as bad, Who cared about the Falklands!! ( 2,000 Sheep and a few hundred people and it’s cold ) and look at Butto (sp) the whole family was messed up, a true bunch of crooks, Not to Mention the Clintons ( Both ) former issues both with the US and Arkansas.

      • Christian July 22, 2016, 2:59 pm

        Hello Michael. Yes, I have read about the Falkland Islands. A complete waste of 15 British lives for a few rocks. I have to admit though that I do not know enough about the other facts you’ve mentioned but maybe I will learn more about it in the future. Thanks a lot!

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