Introducing the Morph Switch Carry Pistol by Phoenix Trinity

Introducing the Morph Switch Carry Pistol by Phoenix Trinity

The Morph Switch is a whole lot of gun and innovation in a small package designed for concealed carry. Phoenix Trinity (PT) is primarily known for its high-quality practical pistol competition guns and accessories. So, the Morph is a step outside of PT’s normal product offering but brings with it many of the characteristics of the guns used by top competitors.

One thing that stands out immediately with the Morph is the super clean lines and precise machining along the entire pistol. It is immaculate, and it feels as good as it looks. It’s hard to pick where to begin describing the Morph Switch; it has a lot on the outside, but the real magic is hidden inside.

Introducing the Morph Switch Carry Pistol by Phoenix Trinity
Shielded safety prevents thumb dragging the slide causing malfunctions

The Morph is built on a Commander-sized PT aluminum double stack 1911 frame that extends to the end of the slide. The grip is finished with PT’s micro pocket grip texture to prevent snagging and hanging up on clothing. The frame also has a tactical rail that extends the full length of the slide for mounting lights or accessories. The contoured slide has very generous cocking serrations on the front and rear.

The MBX magazines don’t exactly fit flush, but they do have a 17+1 capacity that should provide all one would need of a carry gun. Reloading the Morph was quick and smooth and the magazines were 100% reliable during testing.

All the edges and contouring of the parts to the frame were blended very nicely. The frame being metal rather than a polymer allowed the undercut of the trigger guard to be just a bit higher than most handguns these days resulting in a very high, comfortable, controllable grip.

Introducing the Morph Switch Carry Pistol by Phoenix Trinity
Can’t get much of a higher undercut under trigger guard

The trigger was a flat-sided, flat-faced match style with an over-travel adjustment. It had a bit of take-up and then broke cleanly at just under 3 ½ pounds on my trigger gauge. The feel and weight were exactly right for me; enough movement to know your finger is on the trigger before it goes off, but not so heavy that it can’t be shot accurately.

The Morph Switch tested featured a red fiber optic front sight and a rear sight that was made as part of the optic mounting plate that put the rear sight in front of the optic. The mounting height of the Holosun allowed a clear sight picture with the irons or the optic.

Introducing the Morph Switch Carry Pistol by Phoenix Trinity
Clean lines of the slide and rear sight mounted forward of the Holosun optic

The Commander length barrel utilizes PT’s patented link-less technology to lock it in place and it clearly worked well based on the accuracy testing results. The link-less pistol still disassembles and reassembles very similar to any 1911.

However, this gun is called the Morph Switch, and the “Switch” part of that is the fact that you can change calibers with just a barrel, a magazine, and a quick change of the Morph’s patented breech block. The link-less barrel technology made that a quick drop in as far as the barrel swap.

The change out of the patented interchangeable breech block took a little more time but was just as simple. It did require removing the optic and mounting plate so re-zeroing would be in order, but since you’re changing caliber and bullets it’s probably going to be needed anyway.

Introducing the Morph Switch Carry Pistol by Phoenix Trinity
The removable breech face section opposite of the extractor makes changing calibers possible

The left side of the breech face is machined away as part of the patented interchangeable breech block system. This allows installing different thickness pieces to support shooting 9mm or 40/10mm cartridges.

The screws that hold the “changeable” insert in place are located under the optics mounting plate. I changed the Morph from 9mm to 40 S&W for testing and the system was simple and worked flawlessly.

Along with changing the breech block, the barrel also had to be changed and the link-less system worked perfectly with both the 9mm and 40 cal. barrels. Those barrels are a bit unique themselves.

Introducing the Morph Switch Carry Pistol by Phoenix Trinity
Patented link-less barrel locking system visible on disassembled Morph

The bull barrel locks up at the muzzle without a bushing but the barrel is profiled behind the locking surface. Both sides are flattened and the top and bottom also have material removed compared to a standard bull barrel. 

Taking the time to remove all that material and refinishing to a slick stainless luster may seem like a waste of time to some. However, it removes weight that the user would have to carry every minute and I for one appreciate both the lower weight and the associated craftsmanship.

Introducing the Morph Switch Carry Pistol by Phoenix Trinity
Target crowned barrel and beveled edges look fantastic


            Caliber             9mm/ 40 S&W/ 10mm

            Barrel              4.25 Inches Bull

            Frame             Aluminum 2011

            Capacity          17 +1

            Weight            33 Ounces

            Length             7.5 Inches

            Height             5 Inches

            Width              1.38 Inches

            Sights              Fiber front/ Optics plate rear/ Holosun (Options) Fixed rear (standard)

            Finish              Black Nitride slide/ Black anodized

            MSRP               $3950 + options                       

Introducing the Morph Switch Carry Pistol by Phoenix Trinity
Superb one-inch groups were the norm for most ammo tested

Range time with the Morph Switch went as smoothly as I expected. All the range testing on targets was done from 15 yards. The Morph consistently put all the 9mm ammunitions tested (4) in about 1-inch groups, some slightly more, some slightly less, the best being about 7/8 of an inch. It did seem to prefer the 124 bullets more than the heavier 147’s.

I banged and clanged a bunch of steel targets as well. The Morph was an absolute pleasure to shoot with its clean trigger and Holosun optic installed. The tight fit and finish of the Morph was showing its competition breeding on the range – pure performance.

The only issue I experienced was that the slide did sometimes fail to lock back on an empty magazine. This could have been due to my support hand grip interfering with the slide stop or perhaps it needed a little more time to break-in the pistol.

I “switched” from 9mm to 40 caliber with the barrel and breech block change out while down on the range and was back in business in just a few minutes; it is really that simple.

Introducing the Morph Switch Carry Pistol by Phoenix Trinity
40 cal barrel shot as well as the 9mm, five shot group on the right and ten shot on the left

The 40 barrel shot great groups as well and if it hadn’t been raining I would have backed out to 50 yards to see what I could do from there. I mean 9 shots in a hole the size of the Holosun lens, that’s awesome accuracy. I obviously pulled the low one.

 The 40 caliber had a bit more recoil, and as much as I liked the look of the micro pocket finish and appreciate trying to keep it from grabbing clothing, I was wanting a bit rougher finish to hold on to, but that’s all personal preference.

Introducing the Morph Switch Carry Pistol by Phoenix Trinity
Morph Switch looks as good as it shoots

The Morph Switch certainly did not disappoint. No matter where you look on the pistol you find attention to detail and the fit/finish you expect on a custom gun built by a seasoned gunsmith. The Morph Switch is a beautiful pistol that is at the pinnacle of accuracy and versatility.

The craftsmanship and patented systems incorporated in the Switch allow changing calibers and still retaining match accuracy in a concealed carry size pistol. For more information on the PT Morph models and options check them out or contact Phoenix Trinity Here


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    So, some people have more money than they know what to do with. I dont know anybody in that category……but that disent mean i would turn down, say, a korth, or a carved and damasqued p35, or even this one in the 9. But to so basely disparage with such vile calumny a gun you have never held or shot? Highly immature, mr kase, tho i happen to be in agreement only with the .45 comment and I bet that hoswald chap wouldnt either want to give it a try, so obviously steeped in the culture of the troll kingdom they…..i say; was youse an escapee, or evictee? Nevermind them, but i for one would give it a try, were i in the position of choosing one of these, or a consecutively numbered pair-o’-pythons. Myself, i must have some germanic genes, for i love a well-designed bit of Something New

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  • Matt Kase March 28, 2022, 9:41 am

    A $4000 heavily-custom 1911 whose claim to fame is easy caliber change…and yet .45 isn’t among them!!??


  • Bill Hamm March 27, 2022, 4:31 pm

    At that price, who is the market?

    • Matt Kase March 28, 2022, 9:45 am

      Millionaire “GunTubers” who will flaunt it in the faces of the unwashed masses and insist it’s worth mortgaging your first born for, even if it malfunctions worse than a Hi-Point.

    • Lee H. Oswald March 29, 2022, 4:40 am

      Absolute trash

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