Introducing the New AR Black Gold Trigger: Performance Meets Durability

(Photo: American Trigger Corp.)

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Sep. 18, 2023 American Trigger Corp. is thrilled to unveil the latest addition to its product lineup: the AR Black Gold Trigger with a robust Titankote™ multi-layer CVD black coating. Developed in response to the overwhelming demand from our loyal customer base, this new trigger carries forward the legacy of our renowned gold triggers while adding a touch of resilience.

Uncompromising Durability

The AR Black Gold Trigger is more than just an aesthetic masterpiece. Its Titankote™ multi-layer CVD black coating is not merely a paint job. Engineered for extreme wear and tear, this heavy-duty coating is designed to resist chipping, ensuring the product’s longevity and maintaining its premium appearance.

Tailored for Precision

Our triggers are renowned for their precision, and the AR Black Gold is no exception. From the factory it weighs in at a consistent 3.5 lbs., available in both Adjustable or Fixed versions, ensuring that marksmen get the consistent pull they need for pinpoint accuracy.

Features at a Glance:

  • Double Sear System: Crafted with safety in mind.
  • Drop-In Module: Simplifies installation, making it user-friendly.
  • Uses .154 pins: Standard compatibility.
  • Shortest Reset: Enhances shooting efficiency.
  • Platform Versatility: Suitable for AR-15, AR-10, and AR-9 platforms. Compatible with a variety of calibers, including .223, 5.56, .308, 7.62, .300 BLK, 6.5 Grendal, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 9MM.

Confidence in Every Purchase

MSRP starts at $249. Learn more HERE! (Photo: American Trigger Corp.)

Every AR Black Gold Trigger comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Crafted with precision and pride, these triggers are Made in the USA, upholding the standard of excellence our customers have come to expect from American Trigger Corp.

“We have always been committed to innovation and quality. Our customers wanted our legendary trigger in black, and we listened. The AR Black Gold Trigger isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about delivering unmatched performance in a durable package,” said Pierce Colman, Director of Operations at American Trigger Corp.

This special edition trigger is available in limited quantities. Secure yours now to experience the perfect blend of performance and resilience. Click HERE to learn more!

About American Trigger Corp.:

American Trigger Corp. was founded by Ronin Colman who also founded PACT Inc. Both companies were seeded in firearm instruction and competitive shooting. After years of working with Jeff Cooper at Gunsite, AZ, Ronin found his calling in the firearm world through performance-based innovation of training equipment and firearm components.

American Trigger Corp. has had one sole focus, to design the ultimate AR trigger. Beyond creating the drop-in trigger for the AR platform, we were determined to not just be another stock trigger in a box. Through the use of robotic technology to scan various trigger groups, and the creation of many iterations, we finally produced the AR Gold trigger. Designed after the best 1911 triggers on the market, it provides a seamless transition from top-of-the-line pistols to your AR platform.

Today we have a solution for all major AR platforms ranging from the popular AR-15 platform to the newer PCC rifles. We continue to innovate and plan to continue providing the best solutions for the firearms we all love. 

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  • Pierce Colman September 19, 2023, 11:35 am

    w0000t! Been waiting on that black trigger! Excellent article guys.

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