Jailed Oklahoma City Bombing Conspirator Wants His Guns Back

Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols, 60, may have been convicted to life in prison, but that’s not stopping the national terrorist from demanding his seized firearms be returned to his family.

Nichols was given a life sentence after aiding in the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P Murrah federal building, an attack that claimed the lives of 168 people. His guns were seized by the FBI, but now he wants them handed over to his family to be sold. He also wants the proceeds of his guns to be used to support his adult children.

Nichols penned his request and U.S. Attorney Amy Padden said she “plans to have a further discussion with [Nichols] to explore whether [they] may be able to resolve this issue without court intervention.”

“[The] firearms had nothing to do with the Oklahoma City bombing, none were used in the bombing, nor was the bomb set off by any type of firearm,” Nichols said in the letter.

Nichols was sentenced to 161 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole and will serve the remainder of his life inside a prison cell.

(This article was a submission from freelance writer Brent Rogers)

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • da bill September 5, 2015, 9:37 pm

    I think the government should sell the weapons and place the money in a victim’s fund. As far as I am concerned all his property should be siezed, sold and the proceeds donated to the victims and their families. He needs to keep paying for his mistakes until he is rotting in hell. He is a worthless piece of terrorist crap!

  • DRAINO September 5, 2015, 8:04 pm

    Eh…..whatevs. They weren’t used in the commission of a crime, so why not. That way tax payers aren’t paying to store them. They are not evidence, so better than seeing them destroyed. Kinda sad that “adult children” need to be supported by their jailed convicted felon father.

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