Ruger Upping Stakes with 2 Million Gun Challenge to Benefit NRA

Not that you needed another one, but here is a great reason to go out and buy a Ruger sometime in the next year.

“We’re bringing back the One Million Gun Challenge with a twist,” said Mike Fifer, Sturm, Ruger & Co.’s chief executive officer. “Our goal is to sell two million firearms between the 2015 and 2016 NRA Annual Meetings. With that, we pledge to donate not one, but two dollars to the NRA for every new firearm sold during that time. We accomplished our goals to support the NRA in 2012, and with the help of our loyal customers, we believe we can do it again.”

As you can imagine, the National Rifle Association and the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, the lobbying arm of the NRA, are thrilled by the announcement.

“The unwavering support of Ruger is critical, especially now,” said NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre. “The next year and a half, until President Obama leaves office, is the most dangerous period in history for the Second Amendment and our freedom.

“Ruger’s 2 Million Gun Challenge is a model of good corporate citizenship in defense of American freedom,” added Chris Cox, NRA-ILA’s executive director. “By supporting the NRA’s fight to defend the right to keep and bear arms, Ruger not only advances the rights of American gun owners and hunters — they also directly benefit the freedoms and safety of all Americans.”

Need a suggestion on which Ruger to buy? Look no further than the American Predator.

Or, maybe, take a look at Fifer’s favorite guns:

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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