SIG’s New 1911 BB Pistol Released Just in Time for XMAS

The 1911 Max BB Pistol (Photo: SIG)

The 1911 Max BB Pistol (Photo: SIG)

SIG’s got a new gun. A new BB gun, to be exact. And it’s here just in time for the holiday season.

Known as the 1911 Max Michel BB Pistol — named after the 1911 Max centerfire pistol World Speed Shooting Champion Max Michel, Jr., designed — this clone is purported to be an excellent training tool for all shooters.

The BB pistol has the same weight and controls of a traditional 1911, featuring a full-metal slide and frame with “realistic blowback action” of the slide. Additionally, the trigger mirrors the one on the 1911 Max pistol.

However, unlike a traditional 1911 pistol, the BB gun takes a 16-round magazine that holds 4.5 mm steel BBs. There is also a cam lever CO2 loading port for easy and quick loading of the 12gr CO2 cartridges.

The projectiles can reach up to 410 fps but SIG says that “velocity results may vary depending on temperature and altitude.”

“When it comes to shooting, consistent training is invaluable, whether you are a member of law enforcement, the military or are a responsible citizen carrying to protect your family,” said Max Michel, Jr., captain of Team SIG.

“Despite this, many people don’t have the time, opportunity or finances to train as much as they should. The 1911 Max Michel BB Pistol gives you the flexibility to train anywhere, anytime with measurable results,” he continued.

“Dry fire training is always recommended, but can be boring and sometimes misleading,” said Michel. “This is a great way for those who typically shoot a 1911-style pistol to work on accuracy, speed and drawing from concealment.”

The MSRP for the Max BB Pistol is $110.99. It just might be the perfect Christmas present.  But you know what they say about gifting BB guns for Xmas.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Tj2000 November 28, 2016, 6:47 am

    Its a fine looking piece of engineering. With that said, as a member of law enforcement I am concerned that if I roll up on a kid with this air-gun it might turn into a bad situation.
    Its a beautiful weapon and I would like to get one for my grandsons but it needs to be treated as a weapon. Since there are no distinguishable markings it could be mistaken for a very lethal fire arm. Now before I get flamed you need to understand that in law enforcement when you get a call on a kid in the park or neighborhood with a gun your adrenalin spikes and you have but one mission and that is to control and disarm the situation. I have a LEO brother who had to neutralize a situation with a teenager who robbed a store with a BB gun that looked as real as this Sig. The teenager didn’t survive. I don’t have the answer so please if you buy one of these for your kids please make sure they understand that they cant take it out into the woods or neighborhood to shoot cans unless you are there with them.
    Keep it safe, keep it real.

    • NYC Deputy December 1, 2017, 12:43 pm

      Just saw this and I must say this is a great looking and sounds like a just as good performing BB gun. More so, some OUTSTANDING advice TJ. I’m a retired LEO and FA instructor and couldn’t have said it better. ALL BE SAFE & cover your six.

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