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GunsAmerica’s True Pearce got a chance to catch up with Mike from SIG to discuss the P320 XTEN ENDURE.

This new handgun, part of the 10mm category, is designed for rugged outdoor use. It’s ideal for bear or mountainous territory, or simply for those who appreciate the power of a 10mm handgun.

The P320 XTEN ENDURE stands out with its unique slide design, resembling a topographic map. The ‘ENDUR’ pattern, a combination of Cerakote and laser etching, gives the gun a distinct appearance.

According to Mike, the variation in the laser’s depth and duration during the etching process creates different color shades on the slide, adding to its visual appeal.

The SIG Sauer XTEN Endure. (Photo: SIG Sauer)

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The handgun also features a laser-stippled grip module with an aggressive pattern, providing a firm grip, crucial in challenging environments. The grip design includes mountain-like patterns, enhancing the firearm’s outdoor-focused theme.

The slide’s earth-colored Cerakote and topographic pattern are achieved using a sophisticated laser technique. Mike mentions that it involves a high level of precision in the detailing.

For more information about the P320 X10 ENDURE, those interested can visit SIG Sauer’s website or check out GunsAmerica for further details.

This new offering from SIG Sauer is a testament to their commitment to innovative design and functionality, especially for firearms used in demanding outdoor conditions.

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  • Heavyguns31 January 30, 2024, 2:49 pm

    I was drunk in a bar on vacation. My wife was out babbling with some lady in the smoking area. I got sick of her husband talking and excused myself. So…I get online and paid the gouge price for the X10 when it JUST hit the shelves and was waiting for me when we got home. Honestly
    ..and I’m a sig whore…it doesn’t do it for me. There’s nothing wrong really with I guess, it just doesn’t “wow” ya. What it needs is the AXG metal frame with G10 grips…I put that on your website Sig and it got tons of thumbs up….where is it?? We didn’t really want this one. Most of us anyway. We want the AXG metal framed version. Then it won’t be a cheap ass feeling, nose heavy unimpressive pistol like it is with a crappy plastic grip.

  • Jim January 23, 2024, 7:46 am

    Do they use the same garbage magazines the original comes with? If so, if you carry this in bear country, the bear is gonna kill you if it desires.

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