Springfield Armory Expanding SAINT Pistol Lineup

The SAINT pistol is a straightforward AR with all the bases covered. (Photo: Springfield Armory)

Springfield Armory is adding a new SAINT series pistol to its catalog. It’s an AR pistol chambered for 5.56 NATO at an approachable price point without cutting any corners.

The new SAINT pistol is built on forged 7075-T6 alloy receivers and has a 9.6-inch chromoly barrel with a Melonite nitride finish. The receivers have a Type III hard-anodized finish and feature Springfield’s Accu-Tite tension system to eliminate wobble between the upper and lower.

Inside the SAINT pistol runs an M16 bolt carrier with a Carpenter 158 steel high-pressure tested and magnetic-particle inspected bolt. It also has a GI-style trigger with an enhanced nickel-boron coating. It’s a direct impingement pistol with a standard charging handle and forward assist.

The SAINT comes with furniture by Bravo Company USA including the carbine-length handguard, Gunfighter pistol grip and trigger guard. The handguard has an integral hand stop to help keep fingers away from the muzzle. And it has a length-adjustable Trinity Force Breach stabilizing brace that offers a couple of inches of length of pull.

This pistol is intended to run hot ammo and comes standard with a heavy H buffer which especially helps with a lot of carbine-length gas systems. The SAINT comes with a 30-round Magpul PMag.

Unloaded the pistol weighs just 5.5 pounds and measures in at just under 26 inches long with the brace collapsed and just over 28 inches with it fully extended.

Just a few of the Saint pistol’s features. (Photo: Springfield Armory)

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In addition to the fixed handguard there are a couple of budget-minded aspects to the SAINT pistol including a basic, but effective A2-style flash hider and the fact that it’s an “optics ready” AR. Both are fairly common since muzzle devices and optics, whether they’re red dot or scopes or iron sights, are personal options and most shooters have something specific in mind when it comes to their guns.

To help with iron sight options the SAINT has a pinned, ventilated Picatinny rail gas block in addition to the standard flattop rail on the upper receiver. All this comes in at a suggested price of $849.

Like with most Springfield products the SAINT pistol’s real-world and online pricing is sure to be less which makes this an appealing option for anyone who just wants an AR pistol without having to build or customize knowing that it comes with the build quality and manufacturer’s backing along with the rest of the SAINT series.

Visit Springfield-Armory.com to learn more.

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