The “Silenced Night” Christmas Wishlist!

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.22 rimfires are one of the best platforms for suppressing and the suppressors are usually a little less expensive as are the guns and ammo. There are lots of .22 rifles and pistols out there that come with a ½-28 threaded barrel and are ready to accept a rimfire suppressor. Subsonic .22 ammo is cheap, accurate, super quiet, and you don’t have to reload it!

The threaded end of a Savage B22.

Savage’s bolt action B22 FV-SR .22 is perfect for suppressing. They’re insanely accurate, reliable, come threaded for a suppressor, and with subsonic ammo, they’re so quiet you can hear the firing pin. MSRP is only $359. Read a GunsAmerica review HERE.

Ruger’s Mark IV 22/45 is a fun, accurate, super lightweight, and optics-ready little .22 pistol that is threaded and suppressor ready. It’s very light which means it would make a great suppressor host. MSRP is $699 but you can find it for less on GunsAmerica or at a dealer.

This America Eagle Rimfire Suppressor 22 LR subsonic ammo from Federal is some of my favorites and would make a great stocking stuffer. It’s only going 970 fps and is 45 grains. MSRP is $5.99 for 50 rounds.

Silencer Central’s Banish .22 is a great little suppressor that works on pretty much all rimfires including 17 HMR.

The Banish .22 can be taken apart to clean it, it’s light at only 4.1 oz, and you can finance it and make payments while you wait for the stamp through Silencer Central. MSRP is $499 and includes a gun trust.

Suppressors Delivered to Your Door
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Chances are that at the range you’ll have to wear hearing protection even if you have a suppressor because of the other rude and savage grinches who don’t have the common courtesy to run suppressed. Hunting is one place where you can always truly benefit from a good suppressor. Think about it, you never know for sure when you’ll have to shoot, being able to hear well is important, and you might have to carry your gun for miles before you get a shot. For those reasons, I want the new Silencer Central Titanium Banish Backcountry because it’s short, insanely light, and will protect your hearing even with a magnum hunting rifle. It’s only 5.5 inches long, hearing safe, rated for up to 300 RUM, and it’s only 7.8 oz light making it one of the best super light suppressors on the market. MSRP is $1099.

If you haven’t chosen a hunting rifle yet, be sure to check out Nosler’s lineup of rifles. This is a wish list after all and the Nosler Model 48 Mountain Carbon Rifle would be a dream come true. They’re light, smooth, threaded 5/8-24 for a suppressor, and accurate. Available in most calibers, the 24-inch barrel is still manageable with a suppressor and weighs only 6lbs. MSRP $3200

Not all of us can afford to give ourselves or loved ones a new suppressor or gun every year for Christmas. If you already have a suppressor, a good suppressor cover could be the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. Suppressor covers help with the mirage when you’re shooting longer strings of fire, keep thermals from blooming, and they prevent burns!

I tested the Devour Suppressor Cover in a recent GunsAmerica review which you can read HERE.

A Henry Lever Action Big Boy X Model in a pistol caliber is the ultimate suppressed platform as they will function reliably with subsonic ammunition and they make no action noise when fired so they’re quieter than a semi-auto. MSRP is $1049. Read a GunsAmerica review HERE.

A pistol suppressor like this Banish 45 for 38/.357 or the Banish 46 for the hot 44 mag loads would be perfect. Additionally, you can plink or play with subsonic ammo but keep it loaded with self-defense rounds for when you need more stopping power. You can also take the Banish 45 off and use it on all your pistols!

Obviously, there are tons of suppressors, guns, and accessories to choose from. Hopefully, those few ideas will help you narrow things down in your quest for a perfect “silent night.”

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