Bullpups Battle: Steyr AUG vs. FN 2000 vs. IWI TAVOR

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How do these three bullpups — Steyr AUG vs. FN 2000 vs. IWI TAVOR — stack up? Jerry Miculek investigates.

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  • Oldefarte January 19, 2017, 1:09 pm

    Okay, stop – take a look at that opening scene. What is that behind this guy? How am I supposed to give any credence to someone who keeps ammo like that? I mean, it’s not just that it’s unsegregated as to caliber or make (let alone as to bullet type, weight, or year of manufacture), I mean, it’s not even stacked – just tossed, randomly, onto a couple of shelves. Tell me, is a bullet that’s been dropped on the floor multiple times while you rummaged through a bunch of half opened boxes of random ammo still safe to shoot? Do you ask the guy breaking in to hold on a sec while you find that 9mm HP you just know you have somewhere around here… or maybe over here…? So, okay, yeah, I’m anal – I keep my ammo in a temperature controlled space, stacked in fully reconditioned, military ammo boxes, segregated and labeled according to caliber, bullet weight and type, make, date of manufacture, etc., and each accompanied by a dessicant pack or two, arranged so that I can cycle it FIFO, but, hey, it’s gonna be where I put it and it’s gonna work when I need it to. That display on the video is disgraceful and unsafe and yet this guy is “the expert”? That’s just pathetic. The Military commitment to order and neatness isn’t a pointless exercise in martinetry, it serves a purpose, namely to make sure you know what you have, can get what you need, and know it will work. Maybe this guy can make smiley faces with a pocket pistol at 100 yards, but looking at his “shop” makes me question his qualifications to pontificate about firearms and related issues.

  • Oldefarte January 19, 2017, 12:30 pm

    Look at that opening scene! How am I supposed to listen to a guy who keeps his ammo like that? What a bloody, freakin’ mess! It’s scattered willy-nilly all over the place without rhyme or reason, unsegregated as to caliber, make, year of manufacture, etc. – heck, it’s not even stacked, just tossed in a heap on a couple of shelves (certainly not kept secure in a sealed container with a dessicant pouch or two, labeled as to particulars and date of manufacture). Granted, maybe he goes through his ammo so quickly that he’s not worried about long term storage, but, still, how do you find anything? Do you tell the guy breaking in to “hold on a sec – I know I have that ammo somewhere around here…”? Is a bullet that’s been dropped on the floor multiple times while you fumbled through endless stacks of half opened boxes still safe to shoot? C’mon… There’s a reason the Military demands order and neatness and it’s not so you will look good dead, it’s to make sure everything’s location is known, that it is readily accessible, and that it is in prime condition. That disordered pile of random ammo is just shocking and shockingly bad form, especially for an “expert”.

    • Youngpoot January 22, 2017, 9:49 am

      Hmmm…. Judging by his shooting skills, I think he’s too busy honing his runnin’ and gunnin’ skills instead of playing at librarian or stockboy.

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