Conservative Candidates for Governor Vow to Stop Discrimination Against Georgia Gun Companies

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle on the left, businessman Brian Kemp on the right.  (Photo: Associated Press)

Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp vowed this week to stop online payment processors from discriminating against Georgia gun companies.

The two conservative gubernatorial candidates issued statements this week after they learned that Honor Defense, located in Gainsville, was dropped by Intuit and Stripe because the two payment processors suddenly refused to stop supporting the firearms industry.

Both Stripe and Intuit claimed that the decision to kick Honor Defense to the curb was a product of policies dictated to them by their “bank partners,” as noted in a GunsAmerica exclusive.

“Honor Defense reached out to me for help because financial services companies were refusing to serve this gun manufacturing business – and they know I’ll stand up to those who discriminate against people for exercising their Second Amendment right,” Cagle said in a press release.

“There’s a lot of talk in our nation and in our state about businesses choosing to discriminate based on their views, but there never seems to be much outrage if the discrimination is against a group with conservative views, such as those who believe in gun rights,” he continued. “We have to stand up. We have to fight back. Conservatives are sick of the double standard; we’re tired of taking it on the chin.”

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Cagle, the current lieutenant governor, said that while there’s no legal solution to the problem at the moment under current Georgia law he would, if elected, use the bully pulpit of the Governor’s Office to advance new legislation.

Likewise, Kemp also said that he would focus on passing new legislation if elected. Specifically, expanding HB 292, the Firearms Industry Nondiscrimination Act, which prevents banks and other financial institutions from discriminating against pro-2A businesses. Under the language of HB 292, there is a loophole for online payment processors.

“As a businessman and unapologetic supporter of our 2nd Amendment Rights, I was incredibly bothered to learn that a hardworking Georgian and his company were being targeted,” said Kemp on Facebook.

“By circumventing the intent of HB 292, online credit card processors are making it difficult for Honor Defense to conduct business, grow, and prosper,” he continued. “As governor, I’ll work with the bill’s co-sponsors to specifically prohibit this type of discrimination. We must fight for those who provide the weapons we need to protect our families and loved ones.”

Kemp also sent a letter to state Rep. Rick Jasperse, a co-sponsor of HB 292, expressing his desire to close that loophole during the 2019 legislative session.

Kemp and Cagle head to a GOP primary runoff scheduled for July 24, 2018.  The winner will go on to face Democratic nominee Stacy Abrams in the general election to determine who will replace incumbent Republican Gov. Nathan Deal.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Kenny Smith June 22, 2018, 9:40 pm

    Well I am from South Carolina , but I still try to keep up with who is anti- 2nd and who’s not. So does anyone have in relevant information on Mr. Brian Kemp ? We have too many snakes in our country that speak lies yet ,they all want our votes, so stay on top of the information chain if possible . We conservatives need to know who is playing on our team !

  • Mike Bankston June 22, 2018, 3:04 pm

    Yall do know that the NRA officially supports Cagle for Governor right? I’m a conservative gun owner who didn’t vote for him, but did receive literature from the NRA that he was their choice for Governor.

  • BILL June 22, 2018, 11:47 am

    Now I don’t know much about either candidate or their 2A record, but go up and look at their pics, are they lying to us about their willingness to fight for us? Many of the candidates do this too often. Look at their sleazy little smiles, I think they just want votes.

  • Scott in Atlanta June 22, 2018, 8:13 am

    Stop spreading the rumor – or to be honest, outright lie – that Casey Cagle (or as I refer to him, “The Reptile”) is a conservative. HE IS NOT. He’s one of the most anti-2nd Amendment politicians Georgia has ever produced. It’s to his credit that he’s been able to sell himself as a conservative while at the same time fighting tooth and nail behind the scenes to destroy every good gun rights bill that’s been introduced in the Georgia legislature. One example – he recently said that Georgians don’t need any more gun rights, and he’s opposed to Constitutional Carry. What’s “conservative” about that? His position on gun rights is closer to the Marxist’s running for the Dims than to his Republican primary opponent.
    Don’t be fooled by this shape-shifter – he’s suddenly interested in the many, many gun owners in Georgia now that he’s running for governor, the same gun owners he’s shafted and looked down his arrogant nose at all these years.
    Signed, a Georgian in the know

  • Mort Leith June 22, 2018, 7:56 am

    Do NOT let Casey Cagle fool you ! !
    He is ANTI-Gun All Day Long ! !
    and refused to fill out and return the Georgia Gun Owners (GGO) survey on guns !

    • Scott in Atlanta June 22, 2018, 8:15 am

      Exactly right, my friend. He’s as anti-2nd as any politician in Georgia, and says so when he thinks he’s in front of a “friendly” audience. What a creep.

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