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Unlimited eye relief is a feature of this new red dot from Primary Arms.

Unlimited Eye Relief & No More Red Dot Batteries from Primary Arms — SHOT Show 2024

At SHOT Show 2024, Primary Arms turned heads with their latest optics lineup. Their new Discovery 2024 launch introduces innovative red dots in the GLX and SLX lines.

Kio from Leapers with the ambi AR.

Leapers American-Made Upper & Lower: Fully Ambi! — SHOT Show 2024

Kio, from Leapers, presented a fully ambidextrous upper and lower receiver set, packed with impressive features.

Burris' new clip on thermal.

Check Out Burris’ New Clip-On Thermal — SHOT Show 2024

Josh also presented a versatile clip-on thermal scope, a seamless addition for ARs or hunting rifles. Burris provides smart clip adapters separately in various sizes to ensure compatibility.

Bersa's new 1911s for 2024.

Bersa’s Affordable 1911s and BP13 Prototype — SHOT Show 2024

Bersa made a big splash at SHOT Show 2024, unveiling a new line of 1911 pistols and polymer handguns.

Armasight's new thermal optics.

New Thermals from Armasight — SHOT Show 2024

Steve, from Armasight, walked us through their newest gadgets, including the “Sidekick,” available in both 320 and 640 resolutions, featuring Armasight’s exclusive 12-micron Armor Core.

Nosler has a new line of suppressors.

Brand New Suppressors from Nosler — SHOT Show 2024

Tailored for hunters, this suppressor strikes a balance between sound suppression and portability, making it ideal for carrying in the field.

B&T's suppressor line.

A 4 oz. Can! B&T’s Rotex Suppressor Line! — SHOT Show 2024

When GunsAmerica’s own True Pearce thought he’d seen all the suppressor industry had to offer, B&T’s new creation turned the volume down and the excitement up.

True with the RM1C pistol at SHOT Show 2024.

Rost Martin Debuts Affordable, Feature-Packed RM1C Handgun — SHOT Show 2024

Priced at a competitive $459 MSRP, the Dallas-based firearm manufacturer is firing up the industry with this new offering.

The Rock Chucker from Rock River Arms.

Meet the Rock Chucker! 17 HMR AR-15! — SHOT Show 2024

Unlike traditional AR-15s, which have gas blocks situated much further forward, the Rock Chucker’s gas block is just a short distance from the bolt, making for a compact and efficient system.

The PWS UXR rifle at SHOT Show 2024.

PWS Showcases Versatile UXR Rifle in 7.62 — SHOT Show 2024

At SHOT Show 2024, the PWS booth was buzzing with excitement over their latest offering: the PWS UXR rifle.

A Glock with a B&T suppressor and a single-shot option.

B&T’s Suppressed Glock w/ Single-Shot Option! — SHOT Show 2024

B&T has just announced an exciting addition to their product line – the Hush Puppy suppressor/single-shot option, designed specifically for Glock pistols.

The PLxC 1-8x24 SFP (Second Focal Plane) Riflescope.

Primary Arms Two New Game-Changing Scopes — SHOT Show 2024

Primary Arms has introduced two new riflescopes at SHOT Show, and each is worth taking a quick look at.

The Burris Eliminator 6 riflescope.

Burris Eliminator 6 Riflescope with Built-In Rangefinder — SHOT Show 2024

This 4-20x52mm scope includes an integrated rangefinder, offering precise distance measurements up to 2000+ yards on reflective targets and 1400 yards on deer hide.

Ernest Langdon with True Pearce at Range Day 2024.

Beretta 1301: Langdon Tactical Version — SHOT Show 2024

The base model, Beretta 1301 Gen 3, features a new pro-lifter and a semi-flat trigger. Added to this are the Magpul Zhukov forend and M-LOK rail mount options, enhancing ergonomics and adaptability. The shotgun also sports a Magpul Tactical Shotgun Stock, with adapters from GG&G.

Forward-Charging AR By Bilson Arms — SHOT Show 2024

This groundbreaking design seals off the back, eliminating gas leakage—a common annoyance for AR users, especially those running suppressed.

Lightweight and Adjustable Suppressor & Muzzle Brake from ODIN Works — SHOT Show 2024

We caught up with Aaron from ODIN Works at SHOT Show to check out their new suppressor and muzzle brake.

Holosun IRIS laser and pressure pad

Holosun Unveils Cutting-Edge Lasers/Flashlights — SHOT Show 2024

At Shot Show 2024, we caught up with Adam from Holosun to explore the latest additions to their product lineup. The focus of this conversation?

The new model comes with a 5" barrel designed to stay as compact as possible

Genesis Arms Unveils the GEN-12 Suppressed Breacher Shotgun — SHOT Show 2024

This shotgun can fire 12-gauge rounds at an impressive speed, handling everything from slugs to birdshot with reliability and consistency.

Sneak peak at the unreleased Springfield Armory SA-16A2

Going Retro! Springfield Armory’s SA-16A2 — SHOT Show 2024

The mysterious SA-16A2, dubbed the “Easter egg gun of the booth,” apparently caused quite a stir.

Introducing the CDX-X145 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle -- SHOT Show 2024

Introducing the CDX-X145 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle — SHOT Show 2024

Y’all like big guns?! If so, you will want to keep reading. Cadex just unveiled the CDX-X145, the latest design in anti-material sniper rifles, boasting a chambered 14.5x114mm.

Syntec Unveils Thermal Clip-On Phoenix -- SHOT Show 2024

Syntec Unveils Thermal Clip-On: The Phoenix — SHOT Show 2024

Since 2008, the military has relied on Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG) technology for target and threat detection. However, the Phoenix takes this capability to the next level!

Full view of the right side of the 509 CC Edge XL. It is pointed right and has a red dot on the top.

FN’s 509 CC Edge XL: Response to Customers’ Desires — SHOT Show 2024

It comes with 17-round mags but also takes 24-round 509 mags. The included mags are weighted in the base plate so they drop away faster. The flared mag well also aids speedy mag changes.

Close up view of the action, trigger, scope, and action with carbon fiber stock.

Savage 110 KLYM Rifle Weighs in Under 6 Pounds! — SHOT Show 2024

Savage’s new 110 KLYM rifle is a remarkably lightweight gun. It’s Intended for backcountry hunters who feel every pound they carry. The 110 KLYM could be the right selection for lightweight and precision in a tough package for backcountry travel.

Close up view of the top of the optic showing the photo sensor.

C&H Precision’s New Optics Lineup Is Fierce! — SHOT Show 2024

C+H Precision is well-known for their optics plates and has made many OEM plates for other manufacturers. Now, to beat their own frustrations with the lack in the market, they’ve also created a line of optics with a surprising feature set. Let’s look at their new scope and a couple of red dots, too.

Close up view of the gun's receiver and trigger.

Panzer Arm’s Competition M4 Shotgun Is Inexpensive but It’s Feature-Rich — SHOT Show 2024

Turkish firearms manufacturer, Panzer Arms, launched a full-featured competition-style shotgun at SHOT Show this year. It’s got all the features you’d add for 3 gun competitions, but it seems to do it for less than the base cost of many semi-auto shotguns.

Zenith Roller Delayed ZF56 Debuted -- SHOT Show 2024

Zenith Roller-Delayed ZF56 Debuted — SHOT Show 2024

One of the more interesting rifles to be announced at SHOT Show 2024 was the Zenith Firearms ZF56. Set to hit the market in April, this roller-delayed ZF56 is generating some buzz for its unique attributes while maintaining familiar AR controls.

Winchester’s Ranger 22LR Lever Gun Is Completely New But Right At Home — SHOT Show 2024

Joining guns like the Model 1873, Winchester’s Ranger .22 has a lot to live up to. But from the way it handled at the range and the way it feels in your hands, this gun looks like it’s in the right family.

Benelli LUPO HPR

Benelli’s LUPO HPR (High Precision Rifle) — SHOT Show 2024

Brett, proudly introduced the LUPO HPR, emphasizing the unconventional direction the company has taken with this latest addition to their lineup.

Mossberg 940 Pro on top, and 590 on the bottom

Thunder Ranch Shotguns from Mossberg — SHOT Show 2024

Mossberg has recently unveiled its latest offerings in the form of two shotguns developed in partnership with Clint Smith, the esteemed owner and founder of Thunder Ranch.

Snap-On Thermal? ATN’s TICO LTV Is Ready To Shoot — SHOT Show 2024

ATN, maker of thermal and night vision optics, has solved this problem. ATN’s TICO LTV series of thermal scopes can attach in front of your daylight optic and you can go shoot it without even zeroing it first.