SHOT Show 2024

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A Glock with a B&T suppressor and a single-shot option.

B&T’s Suppressed Glock w/ Single-Shot Option! — SHOT Show 2024

B&T has just announced an exciting addition to their product line – the Hush Puppy suppressor/single-shot option, designed specifically for Glock pistols.

The PLxC 1-8x24 SFP (Second Focal Plane) Riflescope.

Primary Arms Two New Game-Changing Scopes — SHOT Show 2024

Primary Arms has introduced two new riflescopes at SHOT Show, and each is worth taking a quick look at.

The Burris Eliminator 6 riflescope.

Burris Eliminator 6 Riflescope with Built-In Rangefinder — SHOT Show 2024

This 4-20x52mm scope includes an integrated rangefinder, offering precise distance measurements up to 2000+ yards on reflective targets and 1400 yards on deer hide.

Ernest Langdon with True Pearce at Range Day 2024.

Beretta 1301: Langdon Tactical Version — SHOT Show 2024

The base model, Beretta 1301 Gen 3, features a new pro-lifter and a semi-flat trigger. Added to this are the Magpul Zhukov forend and M-LOK rail mount options, enhancing ergonomics and adaptability. The shotgun also sports a Magpul Tactical Shotgun Stock, with adapters from GG&G.

Forward-Charging AR By Bilson Arms — SHOT Show 2024

This groundbreaking design seals off the back, eliminating gas leakage—a common annoyance for AR users, especially those running suppressed.

Lightweight and Adjustable Suppressor & Muzzle Brake from ODIN Works — SHOT Show 2024

We caught up with Aaron from ODIN Works at SHOT Show to check out their new suppressor and muzzle brake.

Holosun IRIS laser and pressure pad

Holosun Unveils Cutting-Edge Lasers/Flashlights — SHOT Show 2024

At Shot Show 2024, we caught up with Adam from Holosun to explore the latest additions to their product lineup. The focus of this conversation?

The new model comes with a 5" barrel designed to stay as compact as possible

Genesis Arms Unveils the GEN-12 Suppressed Breacher Shotgun — SHOT Show 2024

This shotgun can fire 12-gauge rounds at an impressive speed, handling everything from slugs to birdshot with reliability and consistency.

Sneak peak at the unreleased Springfield Armory SA-16A2

Going Retro! Springfield Armory’s SA-16A2 — SHOT Show 2024

The mysterious SA-16A2, dubbed the “Easter egg gun of the booth,” apparently caused quite a stir.

Introducing the CDX-X145 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle -- SHOT Show 2024

Introducing the CDX-X145 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle — SHOT Show 2024

Y’all like big guns?! If so, you will want to keep reading. Cadex just unveiled the CDX-X145, the latest design in anti-material sniper rifles, boasting a chambered 14.5x114mm.