Michigan Gun Store Owner Due Back in Court for Allegedly Manufacturing without a License

(Photo: United States District Court)

Hamed Awad, the owner of Adam’s Gun Shop in Flint, MI, is under some serious heat after employees spoke with federal officials and provided statements accusing Awad of illegally manufacturing firearms according to court documents that were unsealed on December 21st. 

During the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) investigation, an employee of Adam’s Gun Shop stated Awad manufactured Glock rifle conversion kits and AR-15s, according to court records obtained by ClickOnDetroit.

The criminal complaint from the ATF accuses Awad of manufacturing firearms without a license.

“Based on my training and conversations with other ATF personnel, I am aware that a Glock pistol placed inside a rifle conversion kit with an installed rifle stock is classified as a short barrel rifle and regulated by the National Firearms Act, which requires such firearms to be registered and subject to a tax,” the complaint stated. “In addition, when a person places a Glock pistol inside a rifle conversion kit, the person is manufacturing a firearm in an attempt to increase the value of the firearm, and thus, make a profit.”

According to court records, authorities spoke with a man who worked at the gun shop from September 2018 to January 2019. He not only accused Awad of manufacturing Glock rifles, but he also said Awad built AR-15s as well. 

In June 2020, another employee was interviewed by the ATF. He was working at Awad’s gun shop at the time and agreed to stay there to gather evidence for authorities. He claimed that Awad would purchase AR upper receivers and AR lower receivers. He would then assemble and sell the weapons without proper licensing.

“I know that an AR-15 is comprised of a lower receiver and upper receiver to make a fully functioning firearm,” the complaint states. “The main components of an AR-15 lower receiver are the body of the firearm, pistol grip, trigger mechanism, and butt stock of the firearm. The main components of an AR-upper receiver are the barrel, bolt assembly, and ejection port. Based on my training and experience, I am aware that the assembly of AR-style rifles from upper and lower receivers and other parts is considered manufacturing firearms.”

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In July 2020, a woman admitted to police that she purchased an “assault rifle pistol” from Adam’s Gun Shop. According to the complaint, her boyfriend forced her to buy the weapon under duress because he was not allowed to purchase it himself due to an active personal protection order against him. 

The woman provided ATF agents with two guns she had bought for her boyfriend, including a multi-caliber American Tactical Imports Omni Hybrid semiautomatic pistol.

An employee of American Tactical Inc. informed agents that the Omni Hybrid was sent to a gun shop in Grand Forks, North Dakota, on May 3, 2018, and eventually landed at Adam’s Gun Shop on Dec. 26, 2018.

Later in July 2020, an ATF agent went into Adam’s Gun Shop as part of an undercover operation where he purchased two AR-15-style rifles. According to the employee who was also working for ATF at the time, the guns were manufactured by or under the direction of Awad. 

On July 20, 2020, the employee called the ATF to inform them that Awad received a shipment of 50 Anderson Manufacturing AR lower receivers and a shipment of 10 Bear Creek Arsenal upper AR-style receivers. He also sent them a picture of Awad unpacking boxes of precursory gun parts. 

The criminal courts issued a search warrant for Adam’s Gun Shop and authorities raided the store on July 27, 2020. ATF agents seized 493 firearms.

Awad is due back in court on January 11, 2023, for a preliminary examination. 

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  • krinkov545 January 6, 2023, 8:58 pm

    Thanks to that sodog Obama!

  • T J Reeder January 6, 2023, 4:54 pm

    I guess I’m wrong but as I understand it the numbered lower is “The Gun”, anything else can be bought, and shipped with no paperwork at all. If this guy bought the lowers he had to have paperwork. He took the part that was numbered and attached legal parts onto it, he then sold it as specified by law meaning to a legal buyer and it was transferred to the buyer. Where is the crime? The lowers were legally bought and transferred legally. I don’t see it and if I was on the jury I’ve vote Innocent

  • Freds Guns January 6, 2023, 9:03 am

    If an FFL joins together an AR upper and lower it’s manufacturing, but if a citizen joins together an AR upper and lower it’s not. Parkerizing a firearm is manufacturing but painting is not. If you put bigger tires on your vehicle are you now an automobile manufacture?

    • Fal Phil January 6, 2023, 9:46 am

      It will be interesting to see how this case shakes out in court. If I were an attorney for the defendant, I think I would ask this same question of the testifying ATF agents.

    • Tim January 6, 2023, 5:39 pm

      I think the key is assembly with the intention of selling. If a private person, non FFL builds AR 15’s with the intention of selling them they would need a manufacturing license as well. If the private person built one or two for his own personal use then they do not need a manufacturing license.

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