Savage Has a Side-Charger in 6mm and New Heavy Barrel Rascals

The Long Range rifle has a non-reciprocating charging handle. (Photo: Savage)

Savage Arms is announcing a new AR-10-pattern rifle in their MSR Long Range series chambered for 6mm Creedmoor. Unlike most AR-pattern rifles, Savage Long Range guns feature non-reciprocating side charging handles, among other choice features.

The 6mm Creedmore cartridge is a newcomer with legs. Optimized for shooting flat, the cartridge is popular with long-range target and competitive shooting and hunting certain game. Like 6.5mm Creedmoor the 6mm cartridge uses standard .308 Winchester magazines.

To maximize efficiency the 6mm Long Range has a 22.5-inch barrel. The barrel has a Melonite polished nitride finish with 1-in-7.5-inch 5R rifling.

The handguard and barrel are free-floating. The handguard has M-Lok slots for accessories like slings and bipods as well as a small cutout for the gas block. The gas block is adjustable and can be tuned for specific types of ammunition.

The rifle comes standard with a fully-adjustable Magpul PRS Gen 3 fixed stock, Magpul 10-round magazine and Blackhawk Knoxx pistol grip. It also has a target 2-stage trigger, factory set at between 2.5-4 pounds.

The whole package weighs in at 9.5 pounds unloaded, which is about right with its extended barrel and handguard. The rifle is built on Savage’s in-house forged receiver pattern with a MIL-SPEC hard-anodized finish.

The 6mm MSR Long Range is priced at $2,284 with real-world pricing closer to $1,800. Other models are available in .308 Winchester and 6.5mm Creedmoor. If you’re looking for something lighter and a little easier on the wallet, you might be interested in the new Savage Rascal rifles.

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The new Rascals feature heavy barrels. The Target XP is available in right- and left-handed models. (Photo: Savage)

Savage is rolling out three new Rascals, the suppressor-ready FV-SR, heavy-barreled Target and factory-scoped Target XP. These single-shot bolt-action rifles are perfect for new shooters, small-game hunters and target/competition shooting on a budget.

The new Rascals sport heavy barrels across the line for improved accuracy and shot-for-shot consistency. The barrels have 11-degree target crowns and measure in at 16.1-inches long. The Target models have precision-style hardwood stocks with a short length of pull and vertical pistol grip.

They cock on open for ease of use and feature the popular Savage AccuTrigger. The triggers are user-adjustable and can be set between 1.5-6 pounds. They’re light at 4.5 pounds, or 5.9 pounds with a 4x32mm scope.

The suppressor-ready FV-SR is priced low with a $219 MSRP. That means real-world prices will be less than the cost of a tax stamp for a suppressor. Savage offers it with shooter’s choice of black or pink finishes.

The Rascal Target is a little more at $314 and the scoped Target XP is priced at $399.

It’s good to see Savage continue to offer premium guns while maintaining their entry-level products at the same time.

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