SK Guns: ‘The Lost States of America’ Series Featuring Daniel Boone

A engraved 1911 on a black background.
SK Guns celebrates Boone as a pioneer, a frontiersman and one of the first American national heroes with the launch of this installment. (Photo: SK Guns)

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HAYMARKET, Va. – May 17, 2024 – SK Guns®, the Nation’s only series-driven, limited-edition manufacturer of custom firearms, is proud to announce the newest, and third installment of the “The Lost States of America” series to commemorate Kentucky pioneer, Daniel Boone, and the lost Transylvanian Colony, which is now present-day Kentucky and Tennessee.

SK Guns celebrates Boone as a pioneer, a frontiersman and one of the first American national heroes with the launch of this installment. The custom engraved pistol is a full-size government model Colt 1911 chambered in .45 ACP. This will be a limited run of only 200 models, each of which will be accompanied by a commemorative antique challenge coin.

“Daniel Boone was a true American patriot who was a legend in his own lifetime. This gun pays tribute to one of the original pioneers to sojourn out of the thirteen colonies, as well as the settlements that followed,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Guns. “The Lost State of Transylvania was a dream of Boone and Henderson, and the goal of this gun is to help ensure that this dream is never forgotten.”

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The right side of the gun’s slide includes a map of the region in 24-karat gold plating, and the State of Transylvania decorated in silver with a deeply etched floral scroll. A portrait of Richard Henderson, the founder of Transylvania, will also adorn the slide along with the Coat of Arms featuring special edition numbers of One of 200.

The left side of the slide depicts the 1775 Meeting of Transylvania’s House of Delegates, a continuation of the deeply etched floral scroll and the iconic Colt logo on the rear panel. The top of the slide pays homage to Daniel Boone, featuring a portrait of the pioneer along with his hunting dog and the Great Seal of Kentucky and the Lost State of Transylvania in a 24-karat gold ribbon.

The slide and frame flats are highly polished with selective 24-karat gold plated controls, and the grips are made from selectively handpicked genuine Kentucky Bourbon barrels.

The Lost States of America: Daniel Boone series will begin shipping in August 2024.

MSRP starts at $2,700.

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