Talley Detachable Picatinny Scope Rings – SHOT Show 2017

Talley Manufacturing detachable Picatinny scope rings for the practical-tactical crowd.

The rings pop off with the flip of a lever and have a vertical split for holding optics in place.

They reinstall just as easily.

For more information visit: https://www.talleymanufacturing.com/.


Talley Manufacturing is introducing detachable Picatinny riflescope rings for 2017. This gives AR and other black rifle shooters the ability to enjoy the reliability and repeatability of Talley’s high-quality rings. Talley’s detachable rings allow shooters to remove and replace an optic without having to worry about a shift in zero.

The machined steel rings have a vertical split for holding scope tubes. A knurled lever on one side of each ring lets users easily and quickly remove their optic.

Think of the possibilities. A shooter can use different kinds of scopes suited for different shooting purposes, all installed with Talley detachable rings. For hog hunting a low-power variable is handy. With a higher-power scope, the same gun is good for prairie dog hunting.

These Talley rings make switching scopes a breeze. The same rifle can be used for competition and guarantee a near-perfect zero with every scope swap. Tactical rifles are already some of the most versatile guns on the market. With these Talley rings, they can be even more flexible.


I have used both fixed and detachable Talley rings on most of my rifles for years. They provide tight tolerances and what I consider to be the highest amount of scope contact on the market. Their tolerances are so tight that I’ve never had to lap a set of Talley rings.

Talley’s rings will stand up to the heavy recoil of the African safari cartridges like the .404 and .500 Jeffery and .505 Gibbs. And each and every time I remove and replace my scopes mounted with detachable Talley rings I count on them returning to zero.

Pricing and Availability

The detachable Picatinny scope rings have a suggested price of just $86, which makes them very competitive with other leading products. Gary Turner, President of Talley Manufacturing, said that the company is making both 1-inch and 30mm rings now.

For more information visit: https://www.talleymanufacturing.com/.

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  • Tom March 6, 2017, 6:51 am

    I’ve used Talley rings & bases for years and they have always performed top notch, my CZ 416 Rigby has a pair of scopes set up for it and I can switch back and forth with out having to re-zero, even on this hard kicker they always stay put, I will be buying some of these for my “black guns”

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