CZ’s New Action In A New Platform: The 457 Varmint Precision Chassis

CZ-USA has put their terrific new 457 action into their first-ever precision chassis.

CZ launched its new rimfire action, the 457, this year, and they continue to create new platforms for it. It’s already got competition stocks, hunting stocks, and even a youth model. Now the 457 is sporting CZ’s first home-grown chassis.

The Chassis

CZ designed their own chassis to house the 457 action and bull/varmint barrel. It’s 100% aluminum for a balance of rigidity and weight. The whole gun with a 16″ barrel weighs in at 7 lbs, while the 24″ barrel version weighs 7.5 lbs.

The Varmint Precision Chassis comes with a 24″ barrel, or 16.5″. 24″ shown here.

The chassis has plenty of room for the tools you’d like to add. M-Lok slots adorn all three sides of the forestock. It’s also got quick detach sling sockets. The chassis takes standard AR-15 buttstocks.

It’s also got a vertical pistol grip, trigger guard with modern styling, and a flared magwell for swift reloading.

The Stock

CZ is shipping the Varmint Precision Chassis rifles with a Luth-AR adjustable stock. It looks like it’s the company’s MBA-4 Carbine with Cheek Rest model. It’s got adjustments for length and the height of the cheek rise. A pic rail on the bottom of the stock allows for use with a monopod. This is a bolt-action gun, so there’s no buffer spring in the stock as there would be on an AR.

It ships with Luth-AR’s MBA-4 Carbine stock with Cheek Rest.
The MBA-4 stock has an adjustable cheek rest and is adjustable for length.

The Action

CZ launched the 457 action this year as the latest iteration in their well-loved rimfire line. It builds on the back of the 452 and 455 with new refinements. The following pictures are of the 457 Scout, but the action details are the same as the chassis rifle will be.

The action can now be cycled with the safety engaged for safe chambering and disarming.

The bolt now requires only 60 degrees to cycle, which makes it easier to work with a scope attached.

An 11mm dovetail is machined into the top of the action for mounting optics. The Chassis rifle does not include sights, so plan on mounting a scope.

Compared with the previous 455, the 457’s action is nearly an inch shorter.

The bolt is shorter and lighter than the 455’s, and it operates smoothly and very tightly. Another new feature is the push-to-fire safety which allows cycling the bolt while the safety is on.

The new bolt handle only needs 60 degrees to cycle, not 90 degrees like the 455. That means larger diameter scopes can mount to the 11mm dovetail machined on the receiver.

It’s chambered for .22 LR and comes with either a 16.5″ barrel or a 24″ barrel. Both are CZ’s Varmint profile, which lacks any taper. It’s threaded 1/2″-28 for a suppressor. This barrel can likely be swapped for either .22 WMR or .17 HMR barrels, but we’ll let you know when more details are made clear.

It ships with a 5-round detachable magazine.

The Trigger

User-adjustable for weight, creep, and over travel, the trigger is very nice out-of-the-box and can be tuned to your preferences. It’s remarkably consistent and shoots very well. The weight on the 457 Scout was 3lbs out of the box.

What’s Next?

CZ is certainly maximizing their new 457 action for rimfire cartridges. This new chassis rifle could be a good option for competition, but it’s also a good one for small game hunting and recreational shooting. CZ has a bunch of new products coming up, and we’ll keep you informed.

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The 16.5″ barrel looks rad.


  • 16.5″ Barrel
  • SKU: 02360
  • Chambering: 22 LR
  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Magazine Type: Detachable
  • Stock: Aluminum Chassis
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 31.6 In.
  • Barrel Length: 16.5 In.
  • Trigger Mech: Fully Adjustable
  • Sights: 11mm dovetail
  • Safety: Two-Position, Push-To-Fire
  • MSRP: $999
  • 24″ Barrel
  • SKU: 02361
  • Chambering: 22 LR
  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Magazine Type: Detachable
  • Stock: Aluminum Chassis
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 39.9 In.
  • Barrel Length: 24 In.
  • Trigger Mech: Fully Adjustable
  • Sights: 11mm dovetail
  • Safety: Two-Position, Push-To-Fire
  • MSRP: $999

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  • Kole December 7, 2019, 9:15 pm

    I think area 419 makes a good top picatiny scope mount that fits over the dove tail. They also make custom versions of this rifle for a little more than that MSRP. Still a ton for a rimfire. It would probably be fun to shoot though.

  • Zupglick December 6, 2019, 4:53 pm

    When you come out with it in .22wmr and a standard picatiny rail, call me.

  • D Mac December 6, 2019, 8:17 am

    11mm dovetail….. That’s a serious oversight and ABSOLUTE FAIL. Seriously CZ what were y’all thinking

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