Mount an Optic to Your FN Five-seveN with the Dorin Tech CAOS – SHOT Show 2020

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Handgun optics are here to stay. But while many gun companies have released optics-ready firearms, FN has remained on the sidelines. The 5.7mm cartridge might be in the midst of a renaissance, but users still can’t buy a Five-seveN with a pre-cut slide.

Dorin Technologies hopes their new CAOS system can fill that gap. The CAOS allows users to mount a wide variety of optics to an FN Five-seveN MK2 without permanently modifying the handgun or losing the use of the rear sight. We caught up with company founder and president Dorin Adika at SHOT Show 2020 to check out his new product for ourselves.

The patent-pending CAOS system takes advantage of the Five-seveN’s unique slide cover to both improve on the aesthetics of the factory slide and provide user-installable mounting options.

The CAOS ships with a replacement polymer slide cover that features sharper angles and more aggressive charging serrations, especially on the muzzle end of the firearm. Adika believes the slide cover is such an improvement over the factory cover that some users will want to purchase the CAOS cover by itself without the optics mounting system. That option will be available for $199 when Dorin Tech releases the CAOS at the end of February.

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The complete mounting system will be available for $249. It uses a simple screw to secure the mounting plate to the slide cover. The mounting plate can be easily removed, but it appears solid enough to mount the optic securely (though only a full review will confirm). If users want to use the slide cover without the optic mount, they can swap the mount for the included cover plate.

The CAOS system will be available in two mounting plate varieties: Trijicon RMR/Holoson or Burris Fastfire/Vortex Venom (or Viper). The $249 price tag gets users one of those plates, and Adika told us he plans to offer additional mounts depending on demand.   

The plates shipping in February will be black, not silver.

Both cover plate and mounting plates are CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum. The polymer slide cover is heat stable and can be baked at low temperatures for use with common gun coatings like Cerakote.

Click HERE to learn more about Dorin Tech. 

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