EOTech’s New Line of Magnifiers! – SHOT Show 2020

This year at SHOT Show 2020, EOTech introduced 3 New Magnifiers.

For more information, please visit EOTechInc.com.

This year, at SHOT Show 2020, I had a chance to check out some of the new magnifier options by EOTech.  They released three new magnifiers, addressing the different needs and price points of the consumer.  The new magnifiers are the G-30, G-43, and G-45.

Lets start with the EOTech G-30.  Think of it as an entry-level magnifier for the recreational shooter.  EOTech kept the same clear glass they’ve been known for and reduced the cost by removing the over-molded rubber housing and supplying the unit with a fixed QD base.  The G-30 provides a solid 3x magnification for any red dot sight, but without the flip-to-side mount.

The G-30 is EOTech’s new budget-friendly magnifier.

On to the G-43.  Think of it as a compact 3x magnifier.  All the features of their flagship magnifier, such as over-molded armor and flip-to-side base for easy transition between 1x and 3x, but in a compact package.  As rail space becomes increasingly precious, I think this model will be much appreciated.  

The New EOTech G-43 is an ultra-compact 3x magnifier.

And lastly, EOTech’s G-45, which pushes the magnification level up to 5x.  Again, all the features they are known for but with a 5x magnifier!  This really helps to push the capability of the rifle.  Allowing for target identification as well as a better sight picture at further distances.

For those further shots, EOTech introduced the G-45 5x magnifier.

The EOTech G-30 will be available Q1 with an MSRP of $309, while the G-43 and G-45 will be available in Q2 with MSRPs of $629 and $669, respectively. 

For more information, please visit EOTechInc.com.

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