ZEV Technologies Introducing Modular Steel-Framed Glock-Pattern Pistol

ZEV Technologies Introducing Modular Steel-Framed Glock-Pattern Pistol

ZEV Technologies has been making aftermarket Glock parts for more than a decade, and now they’re making complete pistols. Introducing the O.Z-9, the first Glock-pattern pistol with a complete steel chassis.

“The O.Z-9 was designed and created for balance,” said ZEV. “It’s one of the first things you notice when holding this pistol. Balance equates to what every shooter is looking for; a more controllable pistol with less felt recoil, less muzzle flip and faster, more accurate follow-up shots.”

“Today I am so excited to show the world the O.Z-9,” said company founder Alec Wolf. “After dreaming about this for 12 years it’s great to finally see this project come to fruition”

ZEV Technologies Introducing Modular Steel-Framed Glock-Pattern Pistol

The O.Z-9 mimics the grip shape and angle of the 1911, easily the most popular gun for target shooting and competition use, with the function and reliability of the Glock 17.

It accomplishes this with a steel receiver wedged into a polymer grip frame. The receiver runs the entire length of the pistol with an integral locking block. It has extended rails that provide twice as much contact with the slide.

“Having a singular component for the slide to travel along minimizes vibration and recoil energy by dispersing it along the receiver through the custom grip,” they added. “A single take-down pin conveniently located at the front of the trigger guard locks the removable grip to the steel receiver.”

ZEV Technologies Introducing Modular Steel-Framed Glock-Pattern Pistol

Additionally, the receiver has cutouts to handle debris and add extra surface area for lubrication. The design is modular and different grip options will be available in the future. ZEV is working on other grip patterns and colors for users everywhere.

The O.Z-9 is based on the Glock 17. It has an exclusive slide design, match-grade barrel, curved trigger, enlarged and flared magwell and comes with two Magpul Pmag magazines. It also comes in a custom O.Z-9 carry case.

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The slide has lightning cuts in addition to a red dot option. The slide is cut for a mini red dot sight to co-witness with the front and rear sights. It comes standard with a fiber optic front sight and extended rear target sight.

Like many ZEV products, the O.Z-9 commands a premium price. It has a retail price of $1,679, which seems steep, but it’s still in-line with other ZEV components. That’s for an entire pistol, case and magazines, not just a few upgrade parts.

ZEV is pushing the limits with the O.Z-9, and it will be interesting to see where they wind up. For more information visit ZevTechnologies.com.

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  • Texf6 January 5, 2019, 8:23 am

    My only comment is “at this price point” what problem is it solving? Always enjoy innovation but can it be successfully commercialized?

  • walter stephens January 5, 2019, 3:28 am

    That is very impressive. Well done Zev.

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